Radiant Winter Skin

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By: Erica, National Training Manager


Freezing temperatures do not just mean heavier coats and scarves; they also mean dry, itchy, and flaky skin. Being a Southern transplant, I was really thrown for a loop when my normally oily skin actually became dry and flaky during my first intense New York winter. I learned the hard way, and now I start prepping my skin about a month before the colder temps hit with oils, serums, and heavier creams just to be safe. Here are my suggested steps to “winterproof” your skin.

First things first, I scale back to cleansing just once a day at night in these brutal winter months. I’ve also integrated the Facial Cleansing Oil into my nightly regimen. This deep pore cleansing oil has grapeseed, avocado, and olive oils to hydrate, and lavender and eucalyptus to kill bacteria and refresh. Just add water to emulsify and rinse clean! Bonus – this oil also removes a full face of makeup too.

My skin is left feeling clean, yet lightly hydrated. Next, I apply one pump of our Replenishing Face Serum. This 2% sodium hyaluronate serum draws moisture in deeper and is the perfect booster for your everyday moisturizer or night creams. Which leads me to my final step, a rich damage-repair focused night moisturizer that’s richer and loaded with lots of vitamins – our Replenishing Face Cream. On days that I’m super dry or really wanting to dose my skin with moisture, I add a pump of our Chamomile Treatment Oil to the Replenishing Face Cream.



Gift of Glow

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By: Matthew Malin + Andrew Goetz


The holidays are our favorite time of the year.  We get to spend quality time with our family and our rescued pug Mr. Greenberg at our farm house in the Hudson Valley.  Holidays also offer us the pleasure of gift giving.

Since we make our own skincare, we are excited to give it as holiday gifts. Some people shy away from gifting skincare, but with Malin+Goetz it’s easy -each formulas is gentle and created with all skin types in mind, especially sensitive.  Our products are also appropriate for both women and men!  And what’s better than giving the gift of good health and instant gratification?

Our 5-minute Detox Face Mask is just that – a deep pore cleansing, deeply hydrating, brightening mask. Skin glows, radiates and is left balanced.

Another favorite is our Replenishing Face Serum. It’s a moisture booster that hydrates and draws moisture deep in to the skin; really great for this time of year. It can be used alone or paired with your favorite moisturizer (our Vitamin E Face Moisturizer!) for ultimate hydration and a dewy complexion.

Both of the Replenishing Face Serum and Detox Mask can be found in our Deluxe Face Gift Box.


Our Rum Hand Wash and Vitamin B5 Body Lotion also make a great hostess gift.


For the person who has everything, (or at least a head of hair) our Peppermint Shampoo is the perfect substitute for a mundane candy cane. Something sweet without the calories.


And while it’s always better to give than it is to receive, we always appreciate anything chocolate, especially Black Hound Cocoa Dusted truffles.  Hint, hint.


Matthew + Andrew

M+G Holiday Gift Guide

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By: Erica, National Training Manager


It’s that gift giving time of year again and we are here to make it super easy. No matter who is on your shopping list, we’ve got something for everyone.


For the hostess/teacher gift:

Votive set $40

Votive set of three of our most popular candles – Dark Rum, Tobacco, and Vetiver.

For mother-in-law

Citrus + Floral Box $102

Rose Hand+Body Wash, Lime Hand+Body Wash, Neroli Votive, Otto Votive, Vitamin B5 Body Lotion, Grapefruit Face Cleanser 1oz, Vitamin E Face Moisturizer 1oz, and Mojito Lip Balm.

For father- in-law

Grooming Gift Box $157

Peppermint Shampoo 8oz, Eucalyptus Body Wash 8oz, Vitamin E Shaving Cream 4oz, Vitamin E Face Moisturizer 4oz, Eucalyptus Deodorant, Sage Styling Cream 4oz, Cannabis Votive, Grapefruit Face Cleanser 1oz, and Mojito Lip Balm.

For the dog owner

Dog Owner Box $112

Eucalyptus Body Wash 16oz, Dog Shampoo, Peppermint Shampoo 16oz, Peppermint Bar Soap 5oz, Cilantro Hair Conditioner 1oz, and Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer 1oz.

Stocking Stuffers

Shaving Cream 1oz $8

Sage Styling Cream 1oz $8

Lip Moisturizer $12

Votives $14

Bar Soaps $16

Vitamin B5 Hand Treatment $20

Essential Kit $30

Perfume Oil $50



Flake It Off

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By: Erica, National Training Manager


We’ve all been there… You’re feeling good, rocking your favorite black cashmere sweater and mid hair flip, you see them – FLAKES. Nothing kills your game harder than dreaded dandruff. Know what’s worse than shedding on your favorite winter wear? Itchy scalp to match.

We’ve got you covered. We just released our Dandruff Shampoo, a gentle and effective treatment for dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis! Pyrithione zinc and tea tree oil aid in the healing and prevention of dandruff and dry, itchy scalp. My favorite part is the smell – refreshing eucalyptus! Normally, I’ll do whatever it takes to combat dandruff, even if it means using one of those dreaded shampoos that smell like tar, but now I don’t have to.

Integrate into your regimen just two times a week to treat existing conditions. On the other days use Peppermint Shampoo to clarify and remove buildup, or Gentle Neroli Shampoo for any sensitive scalp issues.



M+G Facial Cleansing – First You Feel It, Then You Don’t.

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By: Erica, National Training Manager


Let’s all give a warm welcome to our newest product, the Facial Cleansing Oil.

This emulsifying deep pore cleansing oil balances all skin types, rinsing completely clean from the skin. The base of grapeseed, avocado and olive oils cleanse and hydrate, while invigorating eucalyptus refreshes and herbaceous lavender kills bacteria. The benefits don’t stop there either, this oil is also formulated with chamomile to soothe and vitamins a and e to protect. I’ll let that marinate with you for a moment…

This cleanser is perfect for sensitive, dry and combination skin types, but oily skin will see results with it as well. Oil attracts oil, so excess oil will be washed clean from the skin.

Because this cleanser emulsifies when it comes in contact with water, massage onto a dry face and then rinse clean with water. Makeup, including eye, will be gone in a matter of seconds.

If you are new to cleansing oils, I  heavily suggest you try ours! If you are an established cleansing oil lover…you’re welcome. :)

Don’t take my word for it… Vogue agrees.


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