Back to the Windy City.

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By Erica, National Training Manager

Last month I found myself back to the Windy City, and it definitely lived up to its name. I traded one snowy tundra for another, but the one thing I gained was that Midwestern sunny disposition. Despite their smiles, Chicagoans as a whole are 100% completely over this winter. Which is a mentality, we New Yorkers, gladly share. I will say that even though those -30 nights cut like a knife, the city and our accounts, welcomed me with open arms. No matter where I was – Barneys, Bloomingdale’s, Haberdash, Smith & Davis, and MildBlend – the willingness to chat and share winter war stories presented itself daily. Considering this trip, we were dealing with a completely different set of temperatures, I talked up how I keep my skin hydrated and fresh thanks to M+G. I was even lucky enough to get some tips in return. This time of year I rely on a few drops of Chamomile Treatment Oil to calm and soothe redness, and then follow it with the Replenishing Face Cream to deeply hydrate and brighten my parched skin. A new tip I took home – incorporate the Chamomile Treatment Oil with the Jojoba Face Scrub to achieve extra hydration + exfoliation.

CHICAGO Haberdash image

Erica and Greg at Barneys North Michigan Avenue
Dennis and Steve, Haberdash Salon
Erica and Kristen at Barneys

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Valentine’s Day Pampering.

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By Erica, National Training Manager

Everyone makes plans on Valentine’s Day, whether it’s with your significant other, your best buds, or Netflix. No matter what your plans are – take the little extra time to pamper yourself! Here are some ways to treat yourself this February 14th!

Soak in a warm Rose and Chamomile Oil bath.

Add a few pumps of the Rose Hand+Body Wash for a bath full of floral bubbles. Incorporate several drops of our Chamomile Treatment Oil for extra soft, touchable skin.

Bonus tip: The Chamomile Treatment Oil is a perfect massage oil.

Scrub your way to kissable lips.

Don’t forget your pucker when exfoliating with our Jojoba Face Scrub. Gently massage the cream based scrub over lips for a few seconds. Rinse with warm water and follow up with our intensely hydrating Lip Moisturizer.

Mood lighting.

After you’ve soaked and buffed, it’s time to set the mood. Light up an Absolute Rose Candle, after trimming the wick of course! The soft middle notes of Moroccan rose are brightened with top notes of ivy and pear.

Sit back and enjoy the rest of your evening. xoxo


Pump up the hat hair.

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By Erica, National Training Manager

This winter is about survival mode. With temperatures staying below freezing regularly, a cute outfit is the farthest thing from my mind. The ultimate goal of evading frostbite doesn’t change the fact that we still need to look presentable. As fashionable as some winter hats are – I mean, at times they complete my outfit! – If I do need to shed that extra layer up top, my hair will definitely need some extra loving. Here are the M+G products that swoop in and fix my flattop.

  • Hair Pomade – This firm-hold styling aid stands up to hat weather. Before I leave the house, I massage a small amount into my roots for volume. When I get to my destination, I still have a great “pop” at the root.
  • Sage Styling Cream 1oz. – I keep this little gem in my bag. Not only does it hydrate my locks, but it gives my fine hair a great manageable tousled look, volume, and shine.

If I’m going to slowly freeze to death, I’m going to look good while doing it.


New Year, New Face.

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By Erica, National Training Manager

2014 has started with a bang and a string of snow and ice storms. No one has been safe from extreme icy temperatures! If anyone is like me, these dry temps are wreaking havoc on your skin. As soon as the needle drops, I pull out the big moisturizing guns. On those days that my skin is extra parched, I intensify my skincare regimen by adding in a few extra steps of TLC. Let me take you through my super hydrating and brightening routine…

  • Day 1 PM: I start by cleansing with the Grapefruit Face Cleanser and following up with the 10% Glycolic Pads. These have been in my regimen for awhile now so I use them as an overnight treatment, but if you are new to the pads, rinse with water and moisturize 20 minutes after applying. The 10% Glycolic Pads deeply exfoliate and reveal a brightened, dewy complexion! I call these guys “new face” because you wake up with new face.
  • Day 2 PM: The Detox Face Mask is a deep cleanse and deep moisturizer that uses stable vitamin C, green tea and soy to instantly brighten. Your skin is left thoroughly cleansed, dewy and soft. Then I follow up with the Replenishing Face Serum. Our hyaluronic acid serum plumps up skin, fills in fine lines and draws moisture in deeper. It’s the perfect base for the last and final step – Replenishing Face Cream. Our Replenishing Face Cream is a rich damage repair focused cream that uses vitamins a, b, c and e to protect, and avocado and watermelon to repair.

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M+G Resolutions

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by Erica Bowman, National Training Manager

I can’t believe how quickly 2013 flew by! When I stop and think back about all the things that happened this year, I’m blown away. I’m not one for resolutions, but because I’ve noticed that the older I get, the quicker life flies by, I thought it might be the perfect time to start setting an extra goal for myself. 2014 is bound is be a great year – Malin+Goetz turns 10 and we have such an awesome team set in place to make big things happen. Check out the little things me and the staff are focusing on in 2014:

  • Erica B. – My 2014 resolution is to actively be better at exploring outside of NYC. Vermont here I come!
  • Emily S. – My New Year’s Resolution is to read more books. And to finish one before starting another. ;)
  • Paul H. – “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.” — John F Kennedy. I’d like to really make a tangible difference in 2014.
  • Robert R.- 2014 is going to be an amazing year! My resolution: Simply be happy. :]
  • Gabe M. – My New Year resolution is appreciate my blessings and good fortune and to pamper myself more. (with the M+G detox mask and serum! Omgeesie.)
  • Paige H. – To actually go to the gym I pay for and visit my parents more.
  • Dolores O.- Practice my guitar more. Laugh more.
  • Michele S. – Eat more avocados. Learn to have a steady hand when painting my nails.
  • Sarah G. – I would like to visit more museums and learn how to bake bread.
  • Alessia T. – This year I want to make sure I carve out more time doing relaxing things like reading and yoga!
  • Vinnie V. – My New Years resolution is to have more fun!  Enjoys my friends and family, travel more, and do new things!
  • Michael R. – My New Years resolution is to try something new, like a class, trip or experience.
  • Devin T. – 1. Stop drinking orange juice after I just brushed my teeth. 2. That is all.
  • Kenne K –  Take classes in yoga, French and cooking.

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