Less is Enough

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Andrew Goetz and I share an affinity for design, its’ function and often times, its’ minimal aesthetic (I have a tendency to want to “overdo”).  However, we both have agreed that keeping our skincare regimens simple is key, and, we remain focused to this effective philosophy.

Case in point: Winter takes its toll on a New Yorker’s skin.  Suffering from many skin ailments, I am certainly a good test for what to use, when to use it and how much.  I am the guinea pig, and, have been the catalyst for our simple approach—learning early on that sometimes using less helps the few products I do use work better.

Back to our New York Winter.  My skin was tired, dry (and tends to be so) and red (I have rosacea) and dull.  As always, I wash my face (Grapefruit Face Cleanser), Moisturize (Vitamin E Face Moisturizer) daily, and, once/week, offer my skin a perk with our Detox Face Mask for extra cleansing/hydration.  Winter has proven that for my 45 year old skin, sometimes, less is less and not enough.

I decided to take my own advice and integrate our 10% Glycolic Pads—an item I had not used for at least two months.  Voila.  Bright, clear, smooth skin.  It is amazing how paying attention to your skin requires a little effort, AND, not over-reacting by using too much at the slightest change is essential.  Less is enough, and, once in a while, a little extra can help it along.

Matthew Malin, CEO


Beauty Tips to look and feel your best in 2013!

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  1. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen.

Not to sound like a broken record, but did you know that the sun is the #1 cause of ageing? Whether it’s au natural or from a tanning bed, UV rays will cause wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and other scary forms of skin damage. The only way to protect your skin from uva and uvb rays is to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day. Make it easy on yourself and find a moisturizer and spf in one. Me? I use the Malin+Goetz SPF 15 every day because it hydrates without adding oil, protects my porcelain skin from the sun and is a makeup primer all in one. Excuse me, I need to go get my healthy dose of vitamin D.

  1. Wash your face. Repeat.

Washing your face every day is essential to keeping those pores clean and as tiny as possible. No one likes breaking out, but there’s an easy solution to tackle the never-ending battle against pesky pimples… Wash. Your. Face. Sure, it’s a task, and one I’m not always excited to check off my list, but I leave myself no other option before pouring myself into bed. And, I see results. Not only do your pores benefit, but your moisturizes and creams don’t have to work as hard to penetrate your skin. Get on board.

  1. Hydrate Inside + Out.

We’ve all heard it before, “Drink 8 cups of water a day.” And while the amount varies, the principle holds true, our bodies depend on water to function on a day-to-day basis. The same goes for moisturizing! Everyone needs it, no matter the skin type. Hydrating the skin combats ageing, douses it with vitamins and keeps it bright. Just remember about our friend, SPF during the am, and you’re well on your way to rocking your 60s Helen Mirren style.

  1. ZZZZzzzzz

It seems there is nothing a good night’s rest can’t do for you. Fresh face? Check. Memory booster? Check. Stress reducer? Check. Get your 40 winks and live an all-over healthier and happier life.

  1. Exfoliate.

Did you know that exfoliating on a regular basis helps remove that dead layer of skin and reveals a dewy, youthful complexion? Well, it does. Exfoliating speeds up the cell renewal processing, reducing the appearance of fine lines and discoloration (damn you, sun.). All well-rounded skincare regimens have one. Don’t be the odd man out, exfoliate that face with the Malin+Goetz Jojoba Face Scrub. It’s a gentle cream-based manual exfoliator that doesn’t cause micro tears in the skin, but gently rolls dead skin away. Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, check out the Malin+Goetz 10% Glycolic Pads…Get in line for a new face.

  1. GREENS!

Turns out your mom was right, eat your vegetables. Not only are they good for you, with their power punch of nutrients, they also contain antioxidants which fight free radicals that cause ageing from the inside out. Whoa. Pass the brussel sprouts.

  1. :]

We know the age-old saying – it takes more muscles to frown than to smile… Hello wrinkles. Smiling boosts your mood and immune system, and makes you more attractive. It’s an instant and cost-free face lift!

  1. Keep your mitts off your mug.

Your hands are covered in bacteria and oil and it transfers right over to your face when you can’t keep your hands off! You just committed to washing your face daily, don’t ruin your beautiful work.

  1. Fats, but only the healthy kinds.

Healthy fats not only taste good (mmm, avocado), but they help the body absorb nutrients. Get healthy fats through olive oil, nuts and olives. Get to snackin’.

  1. Take time for you.

One of the biggest mistakes we can all be guilty of is not taking time out for ourselves. Whether a walk in the park or a yoga class, allowing your mind and body time to decompress is part of a healthy lifestyle. Perfect that downward dog.


Chamomile Treatment Oil – Something for Face, Body, and Hair!

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Our Chamomile Treatment Oil was developed to create an exclusive service-only step or item for a spa facial protocol we developed.  Given its success, it later filled a retail void in our retail assortment.

The spa part was a challenge since we wanted an exclusive item for a spa facial protocol or a step in our basic European Facial to deep cleanse and moisturize.  The Chamomile Treatment Oil was the step before extractions to lubricate the skin and lend itself gently and without irritation to shiatsu facial massage for lymphatic drainage.  Chamomile calms and soothes and is gentle (and smells beautiful) as a precursor to the more invasive extractions.

This product is a simple and pure formula of chamomile, vitamins E, C and other wonderful oils such as soya and sesame.  As such, it is a general, all-purpose oil that absorbs well and nourishes deeply.  During development—as with most of our products—this item needed to address my own concerns for rosacea, eczema and seborrhea.  Because of these concerns, the formula is great for the face as a moisturizer, for the scalp and hair to add moisture and shine and smooth fly-away, for the body as a bath oil, after bath all-over body (and face) moisturizer, cuticle oil, and massage oil.

Finally, it smells divine and feels simply luxurious.  For us, we are a skincare brand first, and, to date, all of our moisturizers are oil-free.  This item creates a new category to round out our assortment and add value to our existing treatments based on preference or need.


Phew.  I thought I could keep it short and sweet, but, I just love it so much I needed to give you the whole story.

- Matthew Malin


MALIN+GOETZ: Madison Avenue

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1270 Madison Ave
b/w 90th + 91st Sts
New York New York 10128

Our fourth apothecary will open June 2013 in Carnegie Hill.  Here is a history of our marvelous new digs:

Carnegie Hill is a neighborhood within the Upper East Side, in the borough of Manhattan in New York City. Its boundaries extend from 86th Street on the south to 96th Street and Spanish Harlem to the north, between Fifth Avenue (Central Park) on the west and Third Avenue on the east. Carnegie Hill is widely considered one of the most prestigious residential areas of New York City.

The neighborhood is named for the mansion that Andrew Carnegie built at Fifth Avenue and 91st Street in 1901. Today the mansion houses the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, a branch of the Smithsonian Institution. Facing it on 91st Street is the Otto Kahn House, a Florentine palazzo, now housing the private school, Convent of the Sacred Heart. A number of other townhouses in the area have been converted to schools, including the Spence School and the Lycée Français, a former Vanderbilt House on 93rd.

The architecture of the neighborhood includes apartment buildings along Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue, brownstones (with stoops) and townhouses on the side streets, condos, co-ops and a handful of mansions now used by organizations including the The Jewish Museum, the National Academy of Design and the Dalton School.  Frank Lloyd Wright’s celebrated Guggenheim Museum is on Fifth Avenue and the New York Road Runners occupies a townhouse around the corner at 9 East 89th Street. The famous 92nd Street Y calls Carnegie Hill its home as well.

We are excited to soon be included in the historical account of Carnegie Hill!



The Winter Blues! Turning the “WOE” into a “WOW!”

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The holiday season has come and gone. We ate our weight in potato pancakes for Hanukkah, Panettone Bread for Christmas and sipped a glass (or two) of bubbly to ring in the New Year. Now, if you’re like me, you’re thinking two things: Man, I have to get to the gym. And darn it, it’s the winter doldrums. For those of you who get to experience all four seasons like those of us in New York City, we all are feeling the winter blues and blahs.

At the first sign of winter I found myself running to New York’s mecca for affordable trendy clothing, Uniqlo, to get those high-tech, “Heat-tech” undergarments that keep you warm from the ferociously freezing cold days. Add a puffer jacket, silly looking wool hat, mittens that a four year-old would wear, and a cashmere scarf and I am ready to face New York’s most frigid and gray weather head on!

In my apartment, when the heat is on in full force, there’s snow on the ground, and I’m dreading my messy, morning commute to work, I found some ways to stay happily cozy, turning that frown upside down indeed! I have my Pandora radio streaming the greatest hits of Sade (I’m old school, if you’re not a fan of Sade, try some Adele!), hot cocoa with marshmallows in hand, and my face layered with my favorite go-to products from Malin + Goetz. Yes, to a product junkie such as myself, spa nights are a sure fire way to bring just as much comfort as Southern Comfort or for those who keep it non-alcoholic, as cozy as that mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows!

I suggest a Detox Face Mask, followed by a facial massage with the Malin+Goetz Replenishing Face Serum, finished with a mixture of equal parts of Replenishing Face Cream and the new Chamomile Treatment Oil. Moisture overkill? Not at all! I find that I do need more moisture during these colder times, so I opt for it all. I think it might even be time to light a Cannabis candle to get the maximum effect! (I don’t smoke Cannabis, but I hear this is the next best thing!


So all of you reading this from Miami to Malibu, I suggest you sip on a cocktail … and then light the appropriate Malin + Goetz candle. I say, let the intoxicating, refreshing scent of the Mojito candle permeate the room. For the rest of us caught up in dead of winter: Smile, do something good for yourself, meditate, do some yoga, try that recipe you always wanted to make, have that cup of hot cocoa and remember the days when you were a kid longing for these snowy days! Winter is here but before you know it, Spring will have Sprung and our winter woes will have just been a distant memory. Maybe it’s the Cannabis candle or the sounds of Sade, but I’m feeling serene now, and the weather outside – albeit frightful – is not so daunting anymore. It’s a time to relax, replenish and recharge our batteries because the warm, sunny days we are all longing for are soon to come!

- Kenne Kuramochi, MALIN+GOETZ Manager at Barneys Madison Ave


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