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HAIR REMOVAL is nothing new to women.  Shaving legs, plucking brows, bikini waxes and beyond–it is something modern women do (unless of course you are a part of some rebellious, feminist pro-hair counter culture).  Men, on the other hand, have traditionally had the good fortune to be decidedly more low maintenance, shaving their beard when they have to.

Fast forward to the early 2000s “metrosexual”–a man meticulous about grooming.  He typically spends time and money on shopping as seen on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Pandora’s box is open and women now expect a new level of hygiene from their men. If their perfect gay best friend can do it then why can’t their boyfriends and husbands?!

You may already know that MALIN+GOETZ is available at some of the best stores, salons and spas around the world. This includes Strip – a Singapore based waxing studio with an uber-hip outpost in the super-chic Nolita neighborhood here in Manhattan.  Founder Cynthia Chua, the original smooth operator, believed that there was a place for body culture that is practiced safely, hygienically and painlessly. So, she set about seeding the beginnings of a wax revolution.  Selflessly, she trialed and tested new techniques and experimented with new waxes. Eventually, she created a brand new set of Brazilian waxing techniques that was significantly less painful and embarrassing.

We have worked with them for several years now, and every time I visit them to train and work with their staff, they always invite me for a Boyzilian (Brazilian for guys).  Being newly single and back on the market I thought “why not”? It’s competitive out there and every little bit helps!  Now don’t think I made this decision lightly–thinking it was going to be one of the most painful things I have ever experienced (but, pain is beauty, right?). I could not have been more wrong.

Upon my arrival I was greeted by Cameron and Ramon – both of whom are a pleasure.  Then, off to my treatment room with Elyana, my technician. She was friendly, quick and efficient, ensuring I was not in any discomfort, queuing me to “breath” and to “brace myself.”  It was all over in an eye-blink, and I had over-hyped it in my head.  The whole process was virtually painless!  For post waxing she used the MALIN+GOETZ Ingrown Hair Cream, developed for Strip and just such occasions.  I could not be happier with the experience and will definitely be back for another Boyzilian and more!

So what is the point of my disclosing all of this pretty personal information?  Feeling “free” to indulge and look your best!  And, in case you’re curious, you can keep as much grass on the lawn as you wish.



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Conversation with Silvia Prada

By Joakim Andreasson

Silvia Prada, one of Spain’s most prominent contemporary illustrators, stepped into the art scene in early 2000′s by producing works for the late THE FACE magazine. She has since become one of the most coveted contemporary POP illustrators, and has exhibited her large-scale drawing and poster installations in galleries and cultural institutions worldwide including Colette, MoCA Shanghai, MUSAC and Deitch Projects. Her most recent project is THE NEW MODERN HAIR: A STYLING CHART, a book and edition that pays homage to the barber shop and comments on the production of the male identity as it pertains to visual and popular culture. Here, we candidly ask Silvia about how the project came about, her collaboration with (MALIN+GOETZ) and the importance of SKIN.

Hi Silvia! I know you’re in Spain right now. How is it to be back?
It’s good! I needed to have my mom’s food.. Yum!!

Nothing better than a home cooked meal! Did you bring her a copy of your new book THE NEW MODERN HAIR: A STYLING CHART? What does she think about it?
She is falling in love with every man in the book. She said that they are all so handsome and she wants to have a date with The Sportsman, LOL! But she changes her mind everyday and now she prefers The Capri.

My favorite, as you well know, is The Flat Top. Very sexy! So can you tell me about what made you divulge into the world of barber shop portraits? How does it resonate within the broader scope of your work?
That portrait is my favorite too.  It is so powerful and he has a great look. Well, first of alI, I am through my body of work defined as a portrait artist. I’ve always been interested in all kinds of male subjects within POP culture. This time, however, it was time to work with references that have strongly shaped me as a child given that my father is a hair stylist.

That is so fascinating and explains a lot about your work, how you actively define select and iconic moments not only as events, but as aesthetic observations. Now you have me imaging you hanging out with your father in the salon and criticizing the client’s looks as if they where contenders on America’s Next Top Model…LOL! Kidding aside, how do you think this experience trained your aesthetic eye? And your chosen artistic path?
Everything having to do with my father’s salon was such a big deal for me. I grew up around magazines. Not only men’s magazines but also women’s and 70′s lifestyle magazines, and amazing publications such as Reader’s Digest. I used to spend so much time in the salon flipping through all this imagery and smelling special scents and hair products. I think the most important impact of this experience was observing my father’s hands working on someone’s hair. That is definitely what made me choose my artistic path. It is such a contradiction that he never liked the fact that I wanted to be an artist. He wanted me to be a lawyer like my brother or a doctor like my sister.

The combination of your stylistic training and exposure to media really explains not only your chosen discourse, but also your very select approach in documenting POP and contemporary culture. What was your editing process in the creation of THE NEW MODERN HAIR: A STYLING CHART? Was it mainly visual? Because let’s face it, all the portraits are VERY attractive…LOL…Or is there a more profound message behind the project?
I’m proud to be a decorative artist. I defend the idea of promoting beauty as a healthy behavior in the arts. There are already enough artists trying to save the world’s problems through their work, and this is the message I choose to communicate. The following is quite funny to say, especially in this interview for (MALIN+GOETZ) , but i think there is nothing more profound than skin, even when skin is superficial.

I love that! And that is quite a fitting transition to the site-specific drawings you made for (MALIN+GOETZ)’s three US stores in conjunction with the launch of your book. What role do the geometric shapes have in these drawings? And why and how do you choose geometry to enhance the subjects in your work? These have become quite the signature trademark for you.

I love to work with geometric references from art and design movements that have contributed so much to contemporary culture. I choose to connect their visual language with select moments, especially ones that are very specific and distinct, and that have a prominent place in people’s cultural awareness. This is what defines something as POP or popular. I always use these references and interpret them with utmost respect. The shapes allow for my subjects to be put into a temporal framework beyond the immediate.

Yes, and they are so beautiful on their own, and almost command a certain manifesto in your work. A part from the book, you also created a limited and numbered art edition in form of a foldout poster. Can you tell me a bit about it?
The poster its a very intimate and delicate item, and actually contains the original idea of working off a typical barber hairstyle chart. I really enjoy these charts in barber shops. Especially vintage ones as each style has a specific purpose.

I love it too! It is truly a collectors item. And the book also feature genius texts complementing each drawing by Miguel, Michael and Holly, close friends of yours who are editors and hair stylists. Will this project take on a different form in the future? Maybe an exhibition?
Totally! A show is planned and will feature all the visual references that I collected to make the book, Also, a book featuring women hairstyles is on its way!

THE NEW MODERN HAIR: A STYLING CHART, limited edition and numbered book and foldout poster is available at (MALIN+GOETZ) stores and online. SILVIA PRADA for (MALIN+GOETZ) artwork is currently on display at their New York and Los Angeles stores.

Joakim Andreasson is Founder of cultureEDIT.

All images courtesy of cultureEDIT.


Fashion Week Pampering

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Barely even into day two of New York Fashion Week and already the glamorous masses were in need of some pampering and rejuvenation. Running from show to show and party to party takes its toll on even the most seasoned fashion week veteran. Luckily for all (well, anyone who was invited), there was the Beauty Suite hosted by Ford Artists – a two day event where models, socialites and the like could come and get everything from their hair and make-up done to a massage – all by Ford’s artists using Malin+Goetz products.

As soon as I walked into the bright, open, airy loft space I could immediately smell the cool, crisp scent of the Malin+Goetz Mojito Candles which were elegantly placed on low cocktail tables alongside fresh, white floral arrangements. After being handed a glass of champagne, I was walked over and introduced to my manicurist, who used the M+G Peppermint Body Scrub and Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer during the treatment. She was bright, bubbly and so much fun to talk to – the afternoon was definitely off to a good start. Once my nails were perfectly done, I roamed the room, received an amazing and MUCH needed massage, and mingled with all of the artists. I was so thrilled to see everyone from the makeup artists to the hairstylist using M+G products! Malin+Goetz has definitely broken into the inner sanctum of the most fashionable! Now I could go on and on about what an amazingly fabulous Friday afternoon it was, but a picture is worth a thousand words – so here are a few thousand…


Summer in the City – We’re Melting!

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There is no doubt about it – it’s hot outside. Very hot! And from the looks of the extended forecast, we better get used to it. I love summer as much as anyone, but when it’s too hot for me to lay out on the patio and attempt to get a healthy glow, that’s a problem. It is incredibly gross and uncomfortable outside – and unlike most of the country that is able to get from point A to point B in an air conditioned vehicle, we here in NYC are forced to navigate the steamy streets of what feels literally like a concrete jungle. Now more than ever, it’s important, nay – a matter of survival – to find little ways to make getting through the day more comfortable, even if just slightly.

One thing I like to do is keep all of my summer fragrances in the refrigerator. This not only helps to keep your favorite fragrances fresher longer, but feels incredibly refreshing when you spritz it on in the morning. My favorite at the moment is the M+G Lime Tonic. It’s light and crisp and even on the hottest, most humid days, it is never overwhelming or cloying. So crisp in fact, that I’ve been known to wear a spritz of this to the pool or the beach!

When I get home at the end of the day, and I feel like a gross, sweaty beast of a human being, I immediately jump in the shower and grab my other summer time staple – the Peppermint Body Scrub. Not only is it great for exfoliating and smoothing out your heels (which if you’re going to wear sandals at all is a MUST), but the natural peppermint extract physically cools off your body. It is at the same time calming and rejuvenating.

Now it’s time to relax. If you’re like me, the air conditioner got turned on as soon as you walked through the door, but if you haven’t already done so, turn it on now! Settle in, grab a good book or turn on your favorite TV show, and light the Mojito Candle – the crisp scent of spearmint, lime, and basil will remind you of all that is good about summer. But if you need a little extra convincing, mix yourself up a REAL mojito. Our empty candle glasses make for perfect cocktail tumblers.

Now think cool thoughts and enjoy the summer – winter will be here before we know it, and we’ll be yearning for these days once again!

Brian Lynch,  National Training Manager

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Caring for Grey (and secretly grey) Hair.

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Grey hair – man or woman, it is something we are all going to have to face sooner or later (please God, don’t let it be sooner!). Whether you decide to accept this natural occurrence and grow old gracefully, or you decide your new best friend is going to be the salon colorist, there are some very specific traits of this latest evolution of your hair, thus requiring some very specific care.

For one thing, grey hair, whether colored over or not, often tends to be dry, coarse, or difficult to manage (often times coloring and other chemical treatments exacerbate this problem) therefore it greatly benefits from products that keep it hydrated and nourished—promoting smooth texture, shine and increased manageability. While all of our hair care is hydrating and conditioning, our Moisturizing Shampoo and Intensive Hair Mask are two problem + solution products that offer targeted damage repair for those seeking optimal results.

The Moisturizing Shampoo has a rich and creamy formula with added levels of panthenol which nourishes and conditions, giving hair luster and shine to keep it looking and feeling its best. The amino-acids assist in moisture absorption and retention while botanicals such as apricot kernel oil add softness and shine.

The Intensive Hair Mask is a versatile treatment intended for deep conditioning. This product benefits from elevated levels of nourishing and reparative panthenol in addition to meadowfoam seed oil and wheat amino acids which maintain hydration and add body and luster. Use this product once or twice a week, leaving it in for at least 5-15 minutes. The results are amplified by leaving it in overnight. For especially dry, damaged or coarse hair, it can be used as a daily conditioner. Work it into your hair if you are going to be out in the elements for protection of the sun, pool chlorine, sea water, etc. and it will still allow you to style your hair as you normally would.

Just because you and your hair are getting older, doesn’t mean it has to look it – especially when it is so simple to avoid it!

Brian Lynch,  National Training Manager


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