Back when I was a teenager (all of 14), and thumbing through the pages of GQ for the first time, I gained a fast appreciation for the finer things in life – including great skincare. I came to understand from reading editorials, seeing advertisements, and going into sensory overload on the main floor of department stores, that there was a wide array of options when it came to skincare. Despite the overwhelming amount of options, one thing my 14 year old mind internalized was: Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize. It didn’t matter what brand I bought, as long as I followed three steps (and as long as I bought it from an expensive store), I was set.

In the years following, I experimented with countless brands and was occasionally wooed by the glossies (Vogue says Gwyneth Paltrow uses a lotion from a certain store on Spring Street – Must.Go.Buy!).  But I would always come back to these simple three steps. Yet, no matter how much I was told I needed all three, it didn’t seem to quite work for me. As I became more educated and stopped being an advertising zombie, I realized my skin didn’t need to be toned; that a cleanser and a moisturizer was sufficient. Surely if I was coming to this realization, others must feel the same. I started paying attention to trends and certain brands seemed to begin taking a more minimalist approach to things. It was around this time that I first discovered Malin+Goetz, with their less is more approach to skincare. Since then I have more or less lived my skincare routine by this doctrine.

Having followed this belief for so long, you could imagine my shock upon reading a recent New York Times article which sited several brands coming out with not fewer steps, but more. Not 2 or 3 more steps, but up to 11! Eleven products that one has to go out and spend their hard earned money on, and then spend even more of their valuable time in front of the bathroom mirror applying. As I read on, it was clear that these extra products were not being introduced to us because they are a necessity; they are being created because the Asian market happens to favor a long, drawn out facial regimen and will spend money on all of these products. The funny thing is, representatives from certain brands were blatantly saying they will produce anything and everything that someone will spend money on.

As an employee of, and a loyal user of Malin+Goetz, I can proudly say that over the years, in light of the continued growth and evolution of the company the core philosophy of simplicity and honesty still very much holds true. Yes, new products have been introduced, but they fill a void or meet the needs and requests of our customers. We are never saying these few additional “problem+solution” products are essential to everyone and must be used as part of your daily regimen.

In these complicated and unsure economic times, the last thing that should cause stress or financial hardship is your skincare routine. Our core concept of balance doesn’t just apply to a single great cleanser and a single moisturizer, but also to the balance between luxury and efficiency.

Brian Lynch, Training Manager