We here at Malin+Goetz are constantly talking about the needs of sensitive skin, and how our products are especially suited to meet them. As the brand’s National Training Manager, I probably talk about this more than anybody – to the point where, as much as I hate to admit it, it can begin to loose a little meaning. It is for this very reason, that it is always great to receive testimonials from customers, such as the one below, to revive my spirit by reassuring me that I am not simply spreading hyperbole, but truly teaching people and spreading advice that is having an impact on people’s lives. If ever you were to think “sensitive skin first” may just be some mere marketing jargon, read on…

Wanted to write a quick note to let you know that after suffering a severe bout of acne at age 23-24, I was left with permanent rosacea after it cleared up. I had perfect skin before that, and am now 32 years old. I’ve struggled for years to find a product that would eliminate the redness on my chin, and finally found a somewhat magical combination in the Grapefruit Cleanser and Vitamin E Moisturizer.

After only using your face products for less than a month, I’ve noticed a huge difference. The redness is almost completely gone, and some clogged pores I had lingering around have cleared up as well. I am thrilled and plan to recommend your products to a couple friends who’ve had similar issues to mine.

To really measure the significance of this testimonial, lets be sure to first address what rosacea actually is. As many of you may already know, Matthew Malin himself personally suffers from rosecea, so this is a subject he is very familiar with and one of the main reasons Malin+Goetz exists in the first place. Rosacea is a chronic skin disorder characterized by dilated veins, redness, and occasionally, bumps and pustules. There is no cure and the medications must be carefully tailored to each case. The treatment is often trial and error – and different for each person. A good starting point is a less-is-more approach – including gentle, non-irritating skin care that will not interfere with any oral or topical medications. This is where Malin+Goetz comes in.

A fantastic face cleanser is the first step in any regimen. The Grapefruit Face Cleanser is a great place to start, as it gently yet thoroughly cleanses the skin and leaves the skin prepped for optimal moisture retention. For during the day, a light weight oil free (with SPF!) is key – try the M+G SPF 15 Face Moisturizer. Soothing chamomile calms the skin, panthenol repairs while SPF 15 protects and prevents.

In the evening it is time to break out the big guns, as the skin has the best opportunity to repair itself in the evening while we sleep. The Replenishing Face Cream, the latest addition to the M+G skin care arsenal, is quite simply, amazing. I know I may seem biased, but I’ve been a product junkie for years now – in addition to being insanely hydrating, this cream is especially healing and soothing for problematic skin. Jojoba oil allows the skin to breathe, while encouraging cell renewal helping to brighten the skin’s overall complexion; panthenol absorbs deeply into the skin, reduces inflammation and evens out the skin tone; and finally my favorite single ingredient in this product – avocado oil. Avocado Oil helps reduce age spots and heals sun damage and scars. It also increases collagen in the skin maintaining a firm, plump appearance. The thing I find so interesting about it though is that it is an oil that closely mimics the body’s own natural oil production, so it basically fools the body into thinking it has already produced enough oil. What this means is that even a more oily skin type can get the benefits of this beautiful treatment cream, without worry of their face feeling like an oil slick. That definitely gives one a whole new appreciation for guacamole!

So whether your skin be sensitive, oily, normal, blue or green, know that Malin+Goetz will fit seamlessly into your routine and lifestyle.

Brian Lynch, National Training Manager