Recently I was training new staff on our brand at the Space NK boutique in Bloomingdales 59th St in Manhattan. I got a question from an employee that we get often:

“Why don’t you make a toner?”

One of the main goals of Malin+Goetz is to make skincare easy, eliminating unnecessary steps from over-marketing to get you to spend more money! Like most, I was taught that a toner was an essential “step” in my routine. However, it is most often a drying, irritating and unnecessary expense.

Traditionally, the purpose of a toner is to remove excess dirt, oil, make up and cleanser (think about milk, cream and oil based cleansers) that is left behind. However, if your cleanser is thorough and effective, washing clean from the skin, it renders a toner unnecessary.

Our foaming gel Grapefruit Facial Cleanser is thorough, rinsing clean with water on the first try—removing all make up as well! Botanical amino acids soothe and hydrate, never dry or strip. Skin is left perfectly pH balanced every time. And, natural grapefruit is known to be exfoliating and anti-bacterial. All of this makes our cleanser one of our #1 selling items and a value at $30. Your face should never feel dry, tight or irritated after your cleanser (or toner, but, who is using one at this point?). Just balanced.

At the end of the day, what’s most important is your own skin’s reaction to a product. If you use a toner and truly like the way it feels: enjoy. However, why spend money on an item that is not necessary and often creates irritation that forces you to buy more products to correct? It is a vicious cycle. It makes your otherwise normal skin “sensitive”. We keep it simple and effective, every time