Now that it appears as if spring is here to stay in New York City, I’m excited to change up my daily wardrobe. I shaved the beard I had been sporting all winter, broke out a brightly colored shirt to wear to work and am just looking to generally lightening things up – including my daily fragrance. Wearing a fragrance daily is just as essential to me as is wearing a fresh pair of knickers! However, one can’t wear just any fragrance any time. Just like you wouldn’t wear a wool blazer in the middle of July, you also wouldn’t wear a fragrance with notes such as sandalwood or black pepper.

Spring is an optimistic time. The days are longer, flowers are blooming and as such, your fragrance should feel equally as bright, fresh and uplifting. For me, one go to fragrance from early spring through mid-September is the Lime Tonic by M+G – a crisp and clean scent that feels appropriate to wear no matter how high the temperature goes or whether you find yourself partying on a roof top in the city or hanging with friends at the beach.

The real beauty of the Lime Tonic and every other fragrance by M+G is that while each is distinctly beautiful on it’s own, they can be paired together to create a uniquely dynamic personal fragrance. For day time I love pairing the Lime + Petigrain Tonics; a bright, succulent blend of citrus, woodsy and green notes. When the sun goes down and it’s time to really play, I want a warmer more sensual scent, but never anything that’s going to be cloying or overwhelming. For this, I take the warm and sexy Rum Tonic and lighten it up with a light spritz of Lime Tonic; all coming together to create a truly unique fragrance that definitely draws people closer to figure out just what you are wearing.

Experiment with different blends and see what feels the most authentic and you. The point is to have fun with it!

Brian Lynch,  National Training Manager