A recent customer question may seem basic to some, but it is often asked by both men and women.

“What can I do to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs?”

(FYI Stay tuned for our almost ready-to-launch Ingrown Hair Cream — fingers crossed for October!)

Ingrown hair is not only a blemish but often a painful one! As the name implies, an ingrown hair occurs when the hair shaft curls back into the same follicle it grows from, resulting in red inflammation and irritation. This condition can be exacerbated, especially with course, curly hair, after a hair shaft is cut from shaving.

For most of us, giving up shaving isn’t an option, so everyone is bound to face this issue at some point or another (and, yes, my curly haired friends, you’re more prone to it than the rest of us!). However, here are some tips to help prevent unsightly and painful ingrown hairs:

  • Jojoba Face Scrub–gently and effectively exfoliating dead skin helps lift hair away from the follicle while softening the hair for an easier, cleaner shave.
  • Vitamin E Shaving Cream–now it’s time to shave – with the grain! Our has natural menthol and amino acid proteins to protect from irritation while leaving the skin conditioned.
  • Ingrown Hair Cream–For those of you that need to address an existing issue or prevent future ones.
  • Vitamin E Face Moisturizer–you need to moisturize “after shav”-ing. With ours, natural chamomile is extremely calming and soothing, making it the perfect final step; plus it’s fragrance and oil free so it won’t clog your pores!
  • Gentle cleansing and keeping the skin smooth and supple is key to keeping the hair follicles moisturized and growing in the right direction.

Brian Lynch, Training Manager

by Brian Lynch, Training Manager