(MALIN + GOETZ) - Harpers Bazaar (Singapore) - Beauty Awards 2006 Winner

Harpers Bazaar (Singapore) - Beauty Awards 2006 Winner

1162510382cover_web.jpg 1162510405story_web.jpg Malin+Goetz Rum Tonic and Synthesized Loutus Root. The idea of layering fragrances to personalize your very own signature scent has been a growing trend, and the Malin+Goetz line of scents (loved by A-list celebrities like J. Lo and Elton John) make it easier than ever to create your perfect fragrance. Although all their scents can be worn alone, it's recommended that you layer them in pairs to bring out the best in both. One such inspired pairing is the Rum Tonic and Lotus Root combination. The top notes of bergamot and plum, mid notes of leather and rum and a dry down of amber and patchouli meet a fresh twist of lotus fused with a heart of sandalwood and cedar wood, resulting in a distinctive scent that never fails to turn heads. Best of all, the scents are unisex so couples can share (if you're in a generous mood, that is).  www.malinandgoetz.com

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