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Dallas Morning News/Looks - The Ying and Yang of Malin+Goetz

1170281134article_web.jpg To say Andrew Goetz and Matthew Malin's line of unisex skin and hair products is hot is an understatement. It's red hot. In fact, it's positively sizzling. LOOKS caught up with Mr. Goetz at NorthPark Center as he was preparing to train the Barneys staff about the Malin+Goetz system. The line has enjoyed an almost cult-like following since its inception in 2004, and is available for the first time in Dallas only at Barneys New York. Life and business partners, Mr. Malin and Mr. Goetz created the simple, yet sophisticated skin, hair and fragrance products on the principle of balance and duality. Users cherish their deliciously light scent, ease of use and effectiveness. The success of the mid-priced line, developed in the partners' New York apothecary and lab, has grown mostly from word-of-mouth. Unlike other treatment lines, this launch had no million-dollar ad campaign. "The products speak for themselves. They work," Mr. Goetz says. "That's why we sample very generously." Once people have tried the products, they look high and low for them, he adds. Until their Dallas debut at Barneys, about the only place the products could be found was in New York or at www.malinandgoetz.com. The Malin+Goetz system creates a balanced regimen for skin and hair care. All fragrances work equally well alone or layered. The skin treatment line is an uncomplicated two-step process, pairing a light, clean-smelling cleanser with a moisturizer. "Our line is a modern blend of natural ingredients and technology'' Mr. Goetz says. The Malin+Goetz face cleanser is oil free, yet effectively removes makeup and dirt so no toner is needed. The cleanser and moisturizer also are free of wax, silicone and residue. The $30 starter kit contains 1-ounce bottles of face cleanser, face moisturizer, bergamot body cleanser, body moisturizer, shampoo and conditioner, more than enough product for savoring the unique, delicate scent and making your whole body feel and look better than it did before. The shampoo and conditioner, which produced the almost impossible combination of fluffy-yet-manageable hair, were particular favorites. The vitamin B5 body moisturizer also smelled delicious and soaked in fast enough to dress immediately. Impressive. The sleeper item is the lip moisturizer, which wows just about everyone who uses it. The advanced hydration formula is totally original and costs just $12. Malin+Goetz also garners attention for its new line of candles and wondrous fragrances. The scents are designed to be worn alone or together, you wear one and your date or mate wears the other. They do complement each other and smell oh so nice. "Our names are on it and we are the sole owners of the company," Mr. Goetz says. "We are invested in making sure these products are good." BY DEBORAH FLEISHMAN

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