(n) natural ingredient.  (t) gentle technology.

allantoin:           comes form the comfrey root; used for its healing,  moisturizing, soothing and anti-irritating properties (n)

aloe:                      helps moisturize, soothe, and regenerate healthy skin cells (n) 

amino-acids:      hydrating, nourishing proteins help soothe and firm, similar to building blocks for collagen and elastin (t)

apothecary:         one that prepares and sells medicines; i.e. a pharmacy 

bamboo:              natural, technologically extracted liquid form used for its soothing, exfoliating, and emollient properties to help shed dead skin and promote cell regeneration and circulation (n+t)

bergamot:           natural extract, holistically known to be healing and anti-microbial (n) 

biodyne TRF:     aka saccharomyces lystate extract; active yeast extract acts as a soothing anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant; increases cell respiration and proliferation

chamomile:         known to relieve redness, soothe, calm; used for its  bactericidal, anti-itching, antiseptic capabilities (n) 

coralline:             a red algae extract that soothes, calms and evens skin tone with anti-inflammatory properties; addresses wrinkles and fine lines (n)

eczema:               inflammation of the skin causing redness, itching, dryness, and scaling; common skin problem often medically treated; (M+G) will not irritate pre-existing conditions  

epidermis:           the outermost layers of the skin

eucalyptus:         invigorating extract known for antiseptic and anti-microbial  properties; helping open sinuses and clear congestion (n) 

exfoliate:              process of removing dead cells from the surface of the skin to unveil young, fresh cells for smooth clarity 

fatty acids:          the emollient and nourishing, water soluble building blocks of  most oils, including the plant based oils in our moisturizers; used to prevent cellular water loss, nourish, moisturize without greasy residue (t)

glycerin:              hydrating, water-binding ingredient that also draws and absorbs water from the air (t)

grapefruit:           natural citrus extract known to be cleansing, exfoliating; offers a fresh, clean scent (n)

hyaluronic acid: a naturally occurring acid in our bodies that helps the skin retain hydration and moisture (Restylane is hyaluronic acid) smoothing lines and wrinkles and used in several of our products, including our Face Serum (t)

jojoba meal:        the meal of the jojoba seed is emollient and exfoliating, stimulating new cell growth.  Aids in the treatment of dry skin and wrinkles, tones and moisturizes (n)

kombucha:         a black tea ferment; known to reduce negative effects of sugars on collagen that weaken the skin; smoothes and improves the appearance of skin texture (n)

marine micropath:          solution of marine macromolecules that regulates the natural evaporation of dermal water; releases moisture molecule deep into the skin throughout the day, replenishing the skin's reservoir in the lower dermal layers (t)

matrixyl 3000:     string of amino acid peptides acting as feedback controls for the development of connective tissue; promotes reduction in wrinkle depth; smoothes and tones (t) 

menthol:              a derivative of mint; used for its stimulating, cooling and protective properties (n)

musk:                   a once naturally animal-derived aphrodisiac and mainstay in traditional apothecaries and perfumeries, now a modern synthetic or "technological" in keeping with animal cruelty standards

parabens:            the most commonly used synthetic preservatives.  ensure long shelf life in products by inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria, yeast and mold. (t)       

panthenol:          soothing, anti-inflammatory agent known for its healing, nourishing, emollient, and moisturizing benefits (n)

peppermint:        naturally cleansing, clarifying, cooling, and disinfecting; invigorating smell; used internally for digestion (n)

pH:                        pH scale measures acidity, alkalinity, and neutrality of skin on a scale of 0-14; the neutral point is 7; the acidity of skin ranges between 4.5 and 6; the acidity of hair is about 5.5 (t)                             

polyethylene beads:                  technologically advanced, perfectly round plastic beads gently roll over the surface of the skin, dislodging dead skin-never scratching or irritating the most sensitive, dry skin-offering a thorough, "physical exfoliation; beads will not absorb into skin and easily rinse free of residue (t)

pore:                     small opening of the sweat glands in the skin                           

pumice:                a natural stone finely ground to a power-like consistency to avoid abrasion or scratching and to "physically" smooth and exfoliate dry and calloused skin (n)

rosacea:              a fair-skin condition characterized by "breakouts" and consistent redness, blotches, and broken blood vessels.  (M+G) will not irritate pre-existing conditions and can be integrated with prescribed medications.

sage:                    a fresh smelling, soothing and toning herb (n)

seborrhea:          a dermatological condition of the brows and scalp (mostly) in which excessive dryness, redness, and flaking is typical; (M+G) will not irritate pre-existing conditions;  our shampoo is hydrating and clarifying for such and Conditioner moisturizing and soothing

shea butter:        natural fat extracted from fruit of the shea tree; enhances moisturization and maintains proper hydration to help in reduced appearance of lines and wrinkles (n)

sodium hyaluronate:     aka Macronan-S; provides moisture by binding and attracting water to the skin's surface to maintain softness and suppleness; increases hydration (t)


sodium laurel sulfate:                 a detergent or foaming agent, that makes products like body wash and shampoo lather; our products use the most gentle, highest grade, least irritating and most advanced FDA approved levels of SLS (t)

SPF:                      Sun Protection Factor (t) denotes the multiplier (15, 30, etc) or number of times it will take your specific skin to burn in the sun 

squalane:            an unsaturated hydrocarbon that delivers essential fatty acids to the skin to aid in strengthening the natural moisture barrier promoting softness and smoothness; provides anti-oxidant protection and reduction of lines and wrinkles (n)

sunscreen:         a cream or lotion that is SPF rated; it reacts with the skin to create an invisible barrier against the sun; using a sunscreen will lower your risk of getting burned; sunscreens chemically absorb UV rays while sunblocks physically deflect them (t)

synthesized:       combining parts or entities into a single, unified component;  typically achieved through technological means to attain highest possible performance (t)

vitamin B5:          retaining moisture; beneficial and healing for sensitive skin types and plant derived (n)

vitamin E:            a plant derived antioxidant; helps trap free-radicals before they damage skin cells (n) 

vitamin E acetate:            aka tocopheryl acetate; fights free radical formation resulting from skin exposure and supplies anti-oxidant free radical scavengers to minimize lipid and membrane oxidative charges

vitamin A plus:              a water dispersible form of Vitamin A that is easily absorbed for rapid utilization; complex proteins minimize irritation and aid in cellular proliferation; improves skin appearance by reducing roughness, evening skin tones and reducing lines

willowherb:         anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, soothing, and healing; often used to treat rosacea because of its ability to calm redness (n)


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