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employee favorites.


Kenne - New York City

Vitamin B5 Hand Treatment - An instant manicure for my hands! Soaks right in and provides an invisible, comforting, protective veil for my dry hands and rough cuticles!

Replenishing Face Serum - My "holy grail" Malin + Goetz product! I could literally bathe in this serum! It gives my skin a healthy appearance, and I especially love using it after shaving as a soothing, light yet nourishing moisturizer. Feels like a drink of water for the skin! I also use it on my lips, around my eyes, and as a re-hydrating after-sun product to prevent skin peeling. (or at least I did when I lived in Florida!)

Ingrown Hair Treatment - My new favorite from my arsenal of Malin + Goetz products. It soothes any razor burn after daily shaving, and it has made my ingrown hairs virtually obsolete. An added bonus is that it has faded some stubborn acne marks from the past!


Emily - New York City 

Cilantro Conditioner - This is one of the best and most versatile products I’ve ever used. As a rinse-out conditioner, it gives just the perfect amount of softness and shine. As a leave in, it packs serious detangling power without being heavy or greasy, and mixed with Sage Styling Cream, it’s perfect for styling my fine, curly hair.

Peppermint Body Scrub - This is the perfect body scrub for smoothing and softening my skin.  The natural Peppermint essence leaves a gentle tingle to stimulate the senses and deeply cleanse mind, body and soul. Especially wonderful after a long, sweaty day at the beach in Coney Island!

Dark Rum Candle - The dark, mellow, warm sugar-sweet aroma is truly intoxicating, to say the least! It’s not too masculine, not too feminine, and adds a nice finishing touch to any room in the house.


Sara B - New York City

Tobacco + Absolute Rose Candles - I love both of these candles individually and they burn beautifully together. The Tobacco candle is hip and old-timey all at once. The classic scent of rose is updated with crisp green notes of pear lending it a feel that is playful, not victorian. The typeface blends beautifully into any design aesthetic you're going for whether it be old world rustic, mid-century inspired, or modern minimalist. They're my go-to gift. 

Intensive Hair Mask - A great deep conditioner is a MUST for my long, coarse, and color treated hair. I use the deep conditioner twice weekly, leaving it in for five minutes then combing through. It helps my hair stay in tip top shape despite frequent heat styling.


Peter - London

My favourite products are Grapefruit Face Cleanser and Detox Face Mask. I find they both brighten my skin, and are a great way to cleanse my skin without drying it out.


Amanda - New York City

Synthesized Lotus Root - I love the fresh, clean scent, and I get tons of compliments when I wear it.

Vitamin E Face Moisturizer - It effectively moisturizes and hydrates, even when my skin is extremely dry and stressed.

Cilantro Hair Conditioner - It is the only conditioner I can leave in that does not weigh down my hair.  And I absolutely love the subtle sweetness of the cilantro scent.

Replenishing Face Serum - I use it in my hair everyday to control frizz and add shine and definition. 


Annie - London

Eucalyptus Deodorant - for more than 25 years I used Lancôme's Crème de Bocage, then they discontinued it, I was distraught, what to replace it with? And along came eucalyptus deodorant, the sweet smell of success!

Vitamin b5 body Moisturiser - I can now stay in bed a good 5 minutes longer in the morning, as this product takes zero seconds to be absorbed by the skin,after showering and, it passes the silk blouse test with flying colours!


Brian - New York City

Replenishing Face Serum - Having combination/oily skin, I love this product because it works with the Vitamin E Face Moisturizer to intensely hydrate dry areas, while absorbing instantly into more oily areas. Also I love that it instantly brightens my overall complexion.

Dark Rum Candle - I love this candle because of its dynamic and unique fragrance. It fills the room with a warm, comforting fragrance that has a hint of sweetness to it. Also, it is unexpected when you enter the room, as it is not like a typical fruity or floral fragrance.

Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer - I love this all over body moisturizer because it is extremely rich, and leaves even the driest most weather worn skin intensely hydrated without feeling greasy at all - ever. A small amount is all you need to spread all over your body, and it absorbs beautifully, so you can get dressed immediately afterwards.


Ryan - New York City

Eucalyptus Body Wash - I tend to have really dry skin, especially in the winter, and the eucalyptus body wash leaves me feeling clean without drying-out my skin.  Plus I love the fragrance. 

Hair Pomade - My hair tends to be a bit unruly.  The only products that had given me any long-term hold were really heavy and weighed my hair down - not the look I was going for.  The pomade gives me all-day hold but leaves my hair looking natural, like I don't have product in it at all. 


Sarah - New York City

Peppermint Body Scrub - The cleansing properties of a shower gel with the gentle-yet-serious exfoliation of a scrub. Natural, refreshing peppermint extract provides a little extra wake-up call in the morning, and it leaves your skin bright and soft without any residue.

Sage Styling Cream -  The scent is awesome, and the lightweight formula doesn't weigh your hair down no matter what the length. Light conditioning and gentle taming power makes this an indispensable part of my daily routine.

Detox Face Mask Deep - cleaning and moisturizing, with foaming action like no other product I've ever tried. This mask does it all, with no drying or mess.


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