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CauseNews - Nyc retail update

caus_pic.jpgAlthough the shopping scene in the Chelsea/Flatiron district is not as dense as in other downtown neighborhoods, an afternoon spent roaming among its multitude of chic cafes, boutiques and galleries will always turn up great finds.

MALIN+GOETZ, 177 7th Avenue, 212-727-3777, malinandgoetz.com:

The newest treasure in Chelsea resides in an unobtrusive shop easily missed by the hurried walker. Stepping inside the pure, whitewashed space, you're automatically welcomed by a gorgeous bulldog, and then by Andrew Goetz or Matthew Malin who will happily explain what their namesake brand is all about. The secret behind this visually and dermatologically appealing skin and haircare line lies in the simplicity of ingredients. Designed to pare your routine down to the basics, MALIN+GOETZ creates products for both men and women that look as fabulous in your bathroom as they feel on your skin.


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