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boston_pic.jpgA new line of modern, minimalist skin care. By Kari Molvar

WHEN IT COMES TO COSMETICS, there are really only two types of ingredients: the botanical extracts, essential oils, and amino acids inside the bottle and the chemists, fragrance engineers, and designers outside. Put them together and, when the formula is just right, you create the perfect beauty product. Or in the case of Malin + Goetz, a new line of skin and hair care that is flying off the shelves.

Part of what makes these goods so good is their neat, no-fuss formula. Company founders Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz chose to offer just nine-not 9,000- products with straightforward names like 'Face Cleanser" and "Body Scrub." Inside are such highly effective components as nourishing fatty acids and fatty alcohols, rather than oils and waxes that can clog pores. One cleanser or cream treats all skin types- oily, dry, you name it-and the subtle scent evaporates after use. Even the packaging is pared down, featuring stark white bottles with block lettering (conceived by the same company that designs the packaging of Prada's cosmetics). It's the beauty-care equiva- lent of getting the job done with just a smile and a firm handshake.

"Our concept, while modern, is positioned around the idea of personalized service similar to that of a neighborhood apothecary 100 years ago," says Malin. Which explains why tradition-loving Boston was selected as one of the cities where the line is being sold. "Boston is a unique city with a special history and sophisticated residents who demand unique items," Malin says. "It's driven by an underground hipness."

>>Available at Louis Boston, 234 Berkeley St., Boston, 617-262-6100 and www malinandgoetz.com.

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