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Tango - Mr. & Mr. Clean

1137280356feb-mar-2006_web.jpg Meet two entrepreneurs with a universal formula for grooming greatness. "We approach our products the way we approach our relationship: with balance," says Andrew Goetz, who co-founded the two-year-old hair and skin care line Malin+Goetz with his partner of twelve years, Matthew Malin. The unisex product line is divided into dissimilar pairs (say, an astringent shampoo with a nourishing conditioner) that balance each other, a philosophy grounded in the founders' experience as a opposites-attract couple. In what ways are they different? "In what ways aren't we?" says Malin, laughing. When the pair moved in together, Malin worked as a buyer for Barney's and brought loads of grooming products home, whereas Goetz used one bar of Neutrogena soap to shave and wash his face, body, and hair. This tug-of-war between excess and minimalism led to a streamlined 19-product collection suited for all skin types, from oily (Goetz) to dry (Malin). The products feature fresh scents (like bergamot, eucalyptus, and cilantro) that work for men and women. Free of dyes, artificial fragrances, and detergents, they won't irritate sensitive skin. Plus, they look stylish in your shower, the sophisticated, apothecary-label-inspired packaging landed them a spot in San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art. The Manhattan flagship store is a product hound's paradise. No, the darling bulldogs-Bob (English) and Junior (French) aren't for sale, but the best-selling cleanser, moisturizing-yet-kissable lip balm, and new fragrance line (scents that "layer" well, whether worn together on a single body, or separately on two) make excellent consolation prizes. Malin+Goetz maybe gaining buzz in America, and eyeing Europe and Japan, but the founders have their priorities straight. As Malin says, and Goetz agrees, "If the relationship had to be sacrificed, we would give up the business." Marnie Hanel.

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