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Back to basics with the pair behind (MALIN+GOETZ).

SIMPLIFY- the often-used ethos of

Andrew Goetz and Matthew Malin - is not

a concept one is presented with frequently in

the beauty realm. However, the pair behind

(MALIN+GOETZ) are in the business of

stripping products back, keeping it natural and

above all, creating effortless beauty. Born in

2004 in a teeny family-owned and -operated

apothecary in NYC's Chelsea neighbourhood,

(MALIN+GOETZ) products are now scattered

- albeit exclusively - from Germany to

Guatemala and beyond.

RUSSH: How - and when - did you catch

your break in the industry?

Matthew Malin: About 19 years ago, I started

in the executive training program at Saks Fifth

Avenue here in NYC. A few years later, I was

a cosmetic buyer for Barneys New York. We

launched Stila, Nars, Philosophy, etc. I then

worked for about six years with the family owned

Kiehl's overseeing global distribution

until its sale to L'Oreal.  I was with Prada for

a couple of years managing some licensing

agreements for beauty before we started our

business six years ago.

Andrew Goetz: I caught my break both in the

industry and personally when I met Matthew

17 years ago. I come from the world of design

and architecture; so I guess the official industry

break came when we pooled our worlds to

create (MALIN+GOETZ) six years ago.

Wben you're not working, where are you?

MM: We have an 1810 farmhouse north of

NYC in the countryside near a wonderful town

known for its antiques called Hudson.

AG: Until very recently, when we were not

working, you could find us working. Ergo the

need for a country house - now you can find

us learning how to garden (I'm a New Yorker)

and, most importantly, how to relax. We are still

officially in training ... but getting better.

Describe your signature look...

AG: I suppose everyone is a prisoner to some

zeitgeist or another. I prefer being very casual.

A great pair of original Levi's 501 s, a cool

T-shirt and black Converse sneakers is always

best for me. I like to keep things simple, 'less

is more.. .'

MM: I like neutral colours, mostly black. I

love a great sports coat-it allows me to dress

casually and always look professional.

If you had your way, the world would...

MM: Be at peace.

AG: Not have to fly coach.

What is the one piece of advice you wish you

were given earlier?

AG: Always trust yourself.

And your favorite  products to work with?

MM: Our Detox Face Mask is a great product

to demo - it foams on the skin and smells

of and looks like marzipan AND offers

immediate results.

Best trick of the trade?

AG: Keep it simple. If you have an overly

complicated regimen, not only will it be

difficult to follow, but you'll end up creating

irritation. Use products only as needed.

First fragrance you ever purchased?

AG: Paco Rabanne.

MM: Hmmmmm. Maybe Santos de Cartier,

having tried it at a friend's house in my first

year of college.

And your signature scent now?

AG: (MALIN+GOETZ) Petitgrain Tonic.

Do you use any products that aren't

traditionally cosmetic?

AG: Sometimes I brush my teeth with

pure baking soda.

MM: I suffer from rosacea, eczema, seborrhoea

and fragrance allergies ... This was a catalyst to

our developing a skincare range that was easy to

use and appropriate for sensitive skin.

Wbo would you  love to makeover?

AG: Not so much as any person in particular

- but there are certain things that irk me.

Jeans are an abused fashion statement. There

are people wearing skinny jeans that shouldn't

(like myself).

Who are your beauty icons?

AG: Jerry Hall.

MM: I like strong, independent woman

who aren't afraid to express their own style:

Madonna, Oprah, Lady Gaga.

Most common beauty mistake?

(... Made by otbers, of course!)

MM: Forgetting to wash your face.

What's  tbe secret to looking  young and


AG: Eat well, exercise and enjoy good wine.

If you could live and work by one rule, whicb

would  it be?

MM: Now. Carpe Diem.

Do you identify with any particular time  in


AG: I came of age in the late 70s in New York,

so I love the clash between downtown rebellion

and uptown excess.

What  music do you listen to when your at  work?

AG: Right now, we are listening to Vampire

Weekend. The person who gets in first is

usually gets to play office D] '" but I still have

veto power when needed.

Your motto?

AG: Be humble. ~


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