(MALIN + GOETZ) - (MALIN+GOETZ) nail scissor.
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(MALIN+GOETZ) nail scissor.

Medical grade stainless steel.
precision surgical instrument.
3.5" sharp edge nail and cuticle scissors. 



Modern and elegant sharp grooming scissors precisely trim finger and toe nails and hang nails.  Designed and manufactured for us with medical grade stainless steel from a local New York City, second generation father-son business known for their precise surgical instruments.  Powder-coated with our durable, signature-white enamel and chic blue logo.  

Each (MALIN+GOETZ) precision grooming instrument is packaged in our custom designed white 'tool box' with our iconic graphics and text.  Perfect for storage and gift presentation.

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Medical grade, white stainless steel. 


Precisely trim finger and toe nails and hang nails.  Clean blades after each use.  We suggest using this scissor while visiting your nail technician for proper hygiene and safety.  Proper care of nails, cuticles and surrounding skin helps limit infections while offering a polished, neat appearance--even after a biting!   

Use in conjunction with our Nippers, Blunt Scissors, Push+File, and Vitamin B5 Hand Treatment and Hand Washes for optimal and safe hygiene. 

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