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Our "Hair" Gift Box include an 8 oz. Peppermint Shampoo and 8oz. Cilantro Conditioner.  Neatly arranged in our colorfully designed box.


Chris said on 10 January 2013
I stayed at 21C Hotel and Museum in Louisville and fell in love with your products. Thank you for crafting these wonderful beauty and cleansing products.
Patrizia Bonaduce said on 06 December 2012
Hello :
I stayed at Soho Grand Hotel too last year, and I kept the small samples because when I travel I bring my own toiletries products but I was intrigued by their simply design and natural fragance.
Never used them, just kept them in my bathroom basket just in case of emergency when someday we run out of products.
Finally 3 months ago I had to use my "emergency" Malin Goetz set of shampoo and conditioner and WOWWWWW !! what is this ?? I screamed. Where this shinier-ever hair came from??
A whoooole year sitting there in a basket and I didn't know a magical product like this could exists !
I just ran to the computer and placed an order immediately !! Literally 10 minutes later.
Thank you - Thank you - Thank you
I'm addicted now...
(And nobody is paying me to write this , by the way)
When are you opening a store at Aventura Mall ? :-)
Anna E. said on 23 August 2012
My brother sent me a bottle of your Peppermint Shampoo as a gift. The best, most gentle shampoo I've ever used. Better than all the salon stuff I've tried. Luh-uuve IT!
Joan B. said on 15 August 2012
So enjoyed your products at the Ace Hotel in Portland!
A said on 07 August 2012
Recently stayed at the Shore Club in Miami and fell in love with your products!
Sarah Y. said on 06 July 2012
My parents and I were introduced to your products at the 21C Museum and Hotel in Louisville Kentucky when we went up for a family member's wedding. I have to say I am shocked at the difference in my hair after only tree treatments. It is softer and healthier then it has been in years!
Kiemnyc said on 02 May 2012
Tried your products at the Mondrian LA. Loved everything! The peppermint shampoo, the cilantro conditioner, and the rum body wash. Everything smells AMAZING!!! I have very long, thick, highlighted hair. The cilantro conditioner made my hair soft and tangle free. LOVED EVERYTHING!!
Rebecca Lloyd said on 02 May 2012
My husband and I spent our first anniversary on South Beach, Miami, and I discovered your awesome shampoo and conditioner! Now I'm wishing I had snatched up the hotel's samples during our stay. Instead, I've been searching for locations near me to by your products.
Natasha, London said on 07 February 2012
Used your cilantro conditioner at the AMES hotel Boston, wow.
Laurie Curtis said on 25 November 2011
I was introduced to your products at my recent stay at the Royalton Hotel in Manhattan. Now back home, I realized I might need to keep using the shampoo and conditioner! :-)
Nicholas H. - Atlanta said on 05 November 2011
My roomy brought a sample of these home from Soho Grand Hotel. I have Seborrhea and have never used any products that worked as good as yours did! I also like the smell of both products.

Am looking at getting my mother some of your products.
Chris Robertson said on 16 October 2011
I tried your peppermint shampoo + cilantro conditioner at Hope Springs Resort, in Desert Hot Springs, CA. I heart you now, just wanted you to know.
Linda Palcit said on 27 September 2011
Mondrian Soho was the first place I tried these. Now I'm hooked like butter!
LindaP. said on 21 September 2011
My experience was at Soho M+G.
Alison Noble said on 05 August 2011
Recently used your cilantro conditioner at The Betsy in Miami and fell in love!
Janice Bandy said on 09 December 2010
I tried your Bergamot Body Wash as a sample from Barney's and fell in love. I ordered other products and have enjoyed them all!
Tia Broich, Los Angeles said on 09 December 2009
I use your products at the Equinox Spa in Century City. I love your products~!!! The shampoo and conditioner make my hair look amazing~!!! Thank you.
Melissa said on 17 October 2009
Stayed at the Tribecca grand hotel and the cilantro conditioner is amazing!
Karen Olin said on 18 October 2008
My girlfriend and I recently stayed at the Soho Grand and were introduced to your products. We fell in love with the peppermint shampoo and soap!!!
Paul Kwok, Hong Kong said on 18 July 2008
I tried your shampoo and conditioner at the New York Soho Grand Hotel and found your products are amazing!

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