(MALIN + GOETZ) - (MALIN+GOETZ) nail nipper.
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(MALIN+GOETZ) nail nipper.

Medical grade stainless steel.
precision surgical instrument.
5.5" professional nail nipper with logo.



Powerful nail nipper includes a calibrated, spring-action and lock handle design for comfortable and precise mani/pedi hygene with limited pressure.  Sharp durable 5.5" blades offer exact cuts for smooth trimming of even the thickest toenails.  Constructed from medical grade stainless steel by a local New York City, second generation father-son business known for their precise surgical instruments.  Powder-coated with our durable, signature-white enamel and chic logo.

Each (MALIN+GOETZ) precision grooming instrument is packaged in our custom designed white 'tool box' with our iconic graphics and text.  Perfect for storage and gift presentation.

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Surgical grade stainless steel powder coated white.


For optimal maintenance and hygiene, cut toenails straight across to prevent ingrowth and for a smooth, exact trim.  A gentle squeeze initially releases the handle's lock.  Trimming is best after a bath or shower when nails are their softest, lessening cracking or splitting of nails.  We suggest using your personal instrument while visiting your nail technician to ensure proper hygiene and a precision finish.

Use in conjunction with our Cuticle Push and File, Cuticle Nipper, Scissors and Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer. 

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