all eyes on eucalyptus.

eucalyptus deodorant
eucalyptus deodorant

In a world where wellness has become a trending hashtag, there is a reason why eucalyptus continues to garner so much attention. Loved not only for its refreshing scent and(read more)

Q+A with Jason de Savary, founder of Core Collective.

To celebrate 10 years of our #1 best-selling eucalyptus deodorant, we’ve partnered with one of London’s finest training destinations to bring you a month dedicated to fitness + our gym(read more)

Q+A with Clay Nielsen, NYC based hair stylist + groomer.

Clay Nielsen’s mastery in the high-fashion hair industry began more than 10 years ago when he took a tour of the famous Aveda Institute in Minneapolis. He is favorite to(read more)

2-step with Carolyn Brown

what’s your 2-step? carolyn brown / registered dietitian at Foodtrainers My morning routine is typically, drink 16 oz of water & lemon with supplements, caffeinate, shower! In the shower I(read more)

Q+A with Michaella Bolder, international celebrity facialist

With over 10 years experience in the beauty industry, Michaella has gained a reputation as a truly iconic facialist and tanning expert. Appearing regularly in leading international publications of Glamour,(read more)