2-step with angela dimayuga

From her years spent leading New York hotspot Mission Chinese as executive chef to her new role as chef and creative director of food and culture at Standard Hotels, Angela Dimayuga has established herself as both an innovator and a tastemaker in the culinary world. She has redefined not only food experiences, as seen in her modern takes on classic dishes, but also restaurant experiences, as seen in the recent opening of her hotel bar concept No Bar. In between her hectic schedule, we sat down to talk about how she keeps her skin healthy with an uncomplicated regimen.

what's your 2-step? 
The grapefruit face cleanser cleans my skin without stripping it and the vitamin e face moisturizer is super hydrating. These 2-step solutions are perfect for me after a busy day.

what else can you accomplish in 2 minutes?
Putting on my weekly anthem and lighting incense. Both to get excited about starting a brand new day.

why do you love MALIN+GOETZ?
I love how easy and effective it is. After using religiously for a few months, I started getting complimented on my skin. Very rewarding and easy. I found out about the combo through trusted friends with great skincare routines.

Watch below for a glimpse into Angela's busy life as a culinary creative and to see her 2-step regimen in action.