2-step with Lacey + NIco, founders of Hunter Collective.

As the founders of London-based coworking salon hunter collective, Lacey Hunter-Felton and Nico Bonfiglioli are no stranger to the value of convenience in the world of beauty and grooming. As a professional hair stylist herself, Lacey recognized there was a need for an accessible communal space where freelance beauty and fashion experts could easily work with clients on their own schedule and outside of the conventional salon environment. We sat down with Lacey and Nico to discuss how their 2 step regimen helps them stay cleansed and refreshed through even their busiest of days as creative entrepreneurs.


what's your 2-step?

Nico: I'm definitely not as organized as some people in the morning! It usually means remembering to wash my face in the shower and trying to retrieve my grapefruit face cleanser from the sink without becoming a target for the kitten's hunting practice, then thinking I look a bit old while brushing my teeth, so grabbing the vitamin e face moisturizer to sort that out. At the end of the day, it is great to wash the day off with the cleanser and then add a few drops of the recovery treatment oil before moisturizing. It feels like I'm turbocharging my face for the next day.

Lacey: In the morning I am running off to Hunter Collective whilst running around after my toddler. Feeling fresh and keeping things simple is key, which is why I love my facial cleansing oil and recovery treatment oil. They both smell incredible and it's the perfect start to my day.


what else can you accomplish in 2 minutes?

N: Some days I eat lunch in less than two minutes to get on to the next thing! One last bit of bonding time at the end of the day with my dog Murphy, and a snuggle with him is usually pretty soft thanks to the dog shampoo. Most days I can be fast asleep 2 minutes after hitting the pillow, a handy trick for an entrepreneur.

L: I can make a mean guacamole in 2 minutes. I love a strong lip and can apply the perfect pout in 2 minutes flat. It's my secret weapon when I need my game face on.


how did you discover MALIN+GOETZ?

N: I first discovered the brand at barry's bootcamp. The peppermint shampoo and bergamot body wash are just what I need to feel fresh after an intense workout.

L: I discovered MALIN+GOETZ through Nico, who had been using the products and loved them.


what do you love about MALIN+GOETZ?

N: I love the candles. We have tried all of them at Hunter Collective and there hasn't been one that I haven't wanted to take home. We've also met a lot of their team and they are all incredibly knowledgeable and easy to work with. Even for tricky skin conditions, they have not only the solution but the reason why it works, which is just as important.

L: I fell in love with the packaging instantly – the clean streamlined aesthetic spoke to me. Also, the way MALIN+GOETZ has grown yet still has that strong feeling of being local and independent is inspiring to me.