Malin+Goetz Packaging

At MALIN+GOETZ we aim to keep things easy and uncomplicated.  This philosophy is arguably best reflected in the design of our packaging. Our beautiful minimalist packaging was designed by the award-winning, New York-based multidisciplinary design studio 2x4. 2x4 works on innovative and groundbreaking projects for clients that span the worlds of art, architecture, fashion and culture.

Andrew Goetz first worked with 2x4 during his tenure at Vitra.  He and Matthew initially approached 2x4 with an antique apothecary bottle and chemist’s label as inspiration for the Malin+Goetz packaging concept.  They worked in tandem with the 2x4 team to develop an updated version of this idea; modern both in an aesthetic sense but also in a way that made the brand simple to shop.

Colorful and focused on text, our packaging offers honest, straightforward insight into our trusted natural ingredients, similar to those found in the neighborhood apothecaries of old.  Blue text identifies products for the face, green signifies body and red is for hair.  Cleansers are the darker shades in each category and moisturizers are the lighter hues.  Two easy, effective steps.  Each bottle and jar is individually silk screened, providing a slightly tactile experience and a visual richness to the printed type.  Gradation of the print on each bottle separates areas of information: description, usage, ingredients, etc.  Yet, from a distance, it appears like a beautiful wave of color.

Since our humble beginnings, our chic products proudly line shelves around the world at luxury department stores, fashion stores, home and design shops, hotels, gyms, spas, salons and restaurants.  In 2005, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art exhibited 2x4’s work in “Design Series 3”.  This included MALIN+GOETZ with projects for other 2x4 clients such as Prada, the Brooklyn Museum, Princeton School of Architecture, Knoll Textiles, and Vitra.  We hope you love our packaging as much as we do.