"Can the Vitamin E Shaving Cream be used with a brush?

Sure, you can use a brush if you have the time and enjoy the ritual.

Many of our customers use a brush with our vitamin e shaving cream. If you are using ours for the first time, just know that it is designed to have a thinner viscosity than traditional brush creams.

The thick foam of the traditional brush shaving creams takes more time for application, doesn’t rinse clean and normally leaves a residue. Additionally, to make it so thick, manufacturers increase the ingredients that dry out the skin.

Our shave cream was made to be modern, easy and effective without the fuss. It is light, soothing and hydrating to offer a slick, close shave. Additionally, it will rinse clean without causing irritation, excess residue or a drying effect on your skin. It multitasks and eliminates the need for a brush application or a traditional “after-shave.” Simply apply our Vitamin E Face Moisturizer and go.