2-step with Carolyn Brown

what’s your 2-step? carolyn brown / registered dietitian at Foodtrainers My morning routine is typically, drink 16 oz of water & lemon with supplements, caffeinate, shower! In the shower I(read more)

Q+A with Michaella Bolder, international celebrity facialist

With over 10 years experience in the beauty industry, Michaella has gained a reputation as a truly iconic facialist and tanning expert. Appearing regularly in leading international publications of Glamour,(read more)


  Alissa Podber Director of Global Marketing + Communications. Tell us about your leadership as a woman. As a leader in the beauty industry, I lead with my unwavering passion for(read more)

Q+A with Sarah Leff + Jonathan Cohen, the founders of Jonathan Cohen Studios.

How and when was Jonathan Cohen Studios born? The conversation started our freshman year at Parsons. (2006) We said one day after years of experience in the industry we would(read more)

Get to Know Falcon Enamelware Founders.

Emma and Kam from Falcon Enamelware
falcon enamelware
Emma and Kam from Falcon Enamelware
falcon enamelware

Emma and Kam, can you tell us a little about yourself? And your roles at Falcon Enamelware? Kam: Kam was born in New Zealand where he grew up in a(read more)