Happy New Year (from Mr. Greenberg!)

  This Chinese New Year is special for us; 2018 is a year dedicated to our favorite animal and companion, the loyal and intelligent dog. And, as always, we love(read more)

Beauty by the Book: Eat Beautiful

Anyone who uses Malin+Goetz products probably doesn’t need to be convinced that putting nourishing, natural and healthful ingredients onto the skin yields beautiful results. The same goes for what we(read more)

Bespoke Perfume Oil

Bergamot. Bitter orange. Vetiver. Rum. Every apothecary shop once kept these and other precious scented essences in glass-stoppered vials, row upon row. Inspired by these traditional ingredients, (MALIN+GOETZ) re-interprets apothecary(read more)

Cannabis EDP: Trends in High Places

    1611 The English bring marijuana to Jamestown. 1920’s Marijuana begins crossing the border from Mexico as immigrants enter the U.S. 1930 Louis Armstrong and drummer Vic Berton are(read more)

Designing a Modern Apothecary

When it came time to design the newest addition to our anti-aging line, we looked back on the original inspiration for our packaging: vintage apothecary jars. Our office houses a(read more)