M+G Down Under

By: Erica, National Training Manager


I was recently lucky enough to travel to Australia to train our partner Mecca on all things M+G. Mecca Cosmetica stores house the most sought after brands in color, cosmetics, skincare, bodycare, haircare, and fragrance all under one roof.  MALIN+GOETZ can be found in over 30 Mecca stores in Australia.
It was my first trip down under and I was blown away. Australia is seriously beautiful, seriously big and seriously far away. I visited Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney and took something from each city. First of all, Aussies are so nice. They welcomed me with open arms and were just as entertained by my accent as I was by theirs.
Here’s a list of my favorite things from down unda –


  • The. Coffee. It’s liquid velvet. I was over-caffeinated all weekend.
  • Street art. They love their graffiti and devote areas of the city to it. It’s hard not to be happy while surrounded by such vibrant colors.
  • Sunshine. It was sunny and 74 when I stepped off the plane. I only spent 22 hours here, but the palm trees alone made me happy.
  • One word: Brisvegas. That’s the city’s nickname. Statues are perched on large purple light boxes jazzing up the town.
  • This is predictable, but the Sydney Opera House. I’ve seen pictures of it since I was a child, but seeing it in person is overwhelming. It’s massive and absolutely beautiful.
  • Koalas. My goal was to meet a koala while there, and I did. See me and Silvia below. She loves me.
Until next time!


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  • Peter Weingartner says on July 7, 2014 at 12:29 am Reply

    Hi Erica, glad you enjoyed your visit to Australia and managed to tick the Koala off your bucket list… :-)
    I notice there are Hotels dotted all over the world featuring your amenities, with the exception of Down Under. Are there any plans of bringing your hotel amenities to the Aussie market?
    Please shoot me an Email if this is the case. Greetings from sunny Sydney!

    • MALIN+GOETZ says on July 24, 2014 at 11:33 am Reply

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for reaching out! Happy to hear from our friends in Australia. Please feel free to send any inquiries to info@malinandgoetz.com.



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