Hot hair. How to tame your hair when the weather’s hot and sticky.

  Summer is just about everyone’s favorite season–just don’t ask your hair how it feels about it. Heat, humidity, sun, chlorine and salt water do a number on hair, so(read more)

Where in the world is M+G… Best Barber, New York

MALIN+GOETZ works with so many interesting and unique partners worldwide. We are excited to pull back the curtain a little and share some of their stories. This month we are(read more)

How do you gel?

By: Erica, National Training Manager   How do you gel? That is the question… A modern interpretation of the “old school” styling gel, our Firm Hold Gel complements our hair care assortment(read more)

Flake It Off

By: Erica, National Training Manager   We’ve all been there… You’re feeling good, rocking your favorite black cashmere sweater and mid hair flip, you see them – FLAKES. Nothing kills(read more)

Cilantro Hair Conditioner Love Story

By: Micah, Account Coordinator   I wanted to share my personal story and love affair with the Malin+Goetz Cilantro Hair Conditioner. Between the years of 2011-2013 I was hair modeling(read more)