your AHA moment.

the fix.

You are blessed with oily skin but spend a disproportionate amount of time managing it. During the summer you may even skip moisturizing, and then end up with dry, flaky patches on your face.

let’s face it.

Oily skin can be complicated. We make it easy. Our new AHA treatment solution may have a fancy name, but it’s really very simple. This multitasking, “do-it-all” gel solution helps reduce excess oil and balance skin. Apply it after cleansing for smoother healthier-looking skin. That’s it!

your AHA moment.

Clinically proven* to help balance oily skin through gentle daily exfoliation, AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) treatment solution is formulated with a complex blend of good acids--including 6% glycolic and 2% lactic--it gently purifies, brightens and exfoliates. It also helps reduce excess oil, shine and the appearance of enlarged pores. It’s gentle enough to use every day on most skin types--even sensitive.

it’s easy!

AHA treatment solution can be used daily to help reduce excess oil. Massage gel onto face with your fingers and leave it. Spot treat specific areas or use in place of a moisturizer during summer months. Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) make skin sun-sensitive so follow up with our SPF 30 face moisturizer

Written by Lisa Hom