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Zink - Bon Vivant

1188171999article._web.jpg THE JET-SETTER'S GUIDE TO GLUTTONOUS GLOBETROTTING. TAKING STOCK. Hoarding tiny hotel soaps and shampoos seems like behavior someone's mother would take part in and encourage. I used to look at those people with large stashes of mini-pilfered products with disdain. Now, a few hotels have made that sort of behavior totally acceptable by providing highly covetable amenities (including Kiehl's and Fresh) in their bathrooms. The prizes for coolest provisions goes to the Tribeca and Soho Grand Hotels in New York City, Thunderbird in Marfa, Texas, 21C Museum Hotel in Louisville, the Hope Springs Hotel in Desert Hot Springs and the Ace Hotel in Portland, Oregon. You will find their hotel bathrooms fully stocked with shampoos, conditioners, soaps and moisturizers by the very cool, niche brand Malin+Goetz. So go ahead and fill your bags with these amazing delicious-smelling minis because they are most definitely not your mother's hotel bath products. Malinandgoetz.com Katie Dickens

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