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Sunday Telegragh (Australia) - Boys II men

1107003608pic1.jpg1107003624pic2.jpgOne of the great things about men's growing interest in skincare is the innovation they're bringing to new products. Take hip New York couple Malin and Goetz, for example. Matthew Malin's history of working with Saks Fifth Avenue, Helmut Lang's fragrance division and Kiehi's gave him stable foundations in the cosmetic business, while his partner Andrew Goetz brings his marketing experience with international furniture and design manufacturer Vitra to create a unisex skincare and body line for style-conscious men and women. The products are simple to select: there's one face cleanser, one face moisturiser and one shaving cream, just one shampoo and one conditioner, and they smell fantastic. Essential oils and other botanical extracts help to hydrate and balance skin types, so you really can share your toiletries and know you're using the right product. Available through Mecca Cosmetica, prices range from $22 to $85. Stockists: 1800 007 844.

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