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Nylon - Beauty Queen

1133741486january-2005_web.jpgTHE THUNDERBIRD WITH MALIN+GOETZ The Lone Star State's famous slogan, "Dont mess with Texas," is most applicable when it comes to barbecue, deep-fried Oreos, cowboy boots, and the new Thunderbird Motel. As far as politics go, not so much. But if those liberal ideals prevent your from making a visit to Marfa, Texas, you will surely be remiss, because the tiny town, perched a mile high in the Chihuahuan Desert is an internationally renowned and vibrant artist community. And like their sister space, the Hotel San Jose in Austin, ther is no better place to park it than in one of the Thunderbird's clean, modern rooms. The traditional '50s motel and pool was updated under the new ownership, though hints of the past remain- record players and an extensive vinyl library are at your disposal. And if creative inspiration should strike during your stay, vintage typewritters and Polaroid cameras are also available. The rates are reasonable, so you may be surprised (and so very pleased!) to discover highly covetable MALIN+GOETZ products in your bathroom. The modern apothecary line, with its simple design and philosophy, is a perfect fit for the desert oasis.

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  • Get your M+G fix at Notre Shop, the stylish neighborhood menswear shop in north Chicago. via #BeyondTheFocusPhoto
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