in-store exclusives

in-store exclusives.

These bespoke finds are exclusive to our NYC Chelsea Apothecary, call +1-212-463-7368 for more info.

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vintage vanity jar.

A one-of-a-kind vessel for pills, rings, change, or other sundries kept neatly on a nightstand or bathroom shelf. Faceted glass jar and detailed metal top.


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vintage eye wash cup.

A must-have for household’s 100 years ago (Matthew’s own grandfather gave him one), this glass collectable remains a modern, simple solution for at-home health and wellness. Bespoke finds are one-of-a-kind; no two are alike.


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bespoke perfume bar.

We extend our assortment of fine fragrance as a custom, made-to-order, limited edition perfume. These pure perfume oils highlight new scents and existing candle fragrances and are exclusive to our shops where we hand pour and label each by customer request, recreating an old-school special service of traditional perfumeries from days gone by.

Available in bergamot, otto, vetiver and neroli.