Introducing Leather Perfume Oil and Candle

New collection launches January 2018

"The bond between leather and scent goes back centuries and our new Leather Perfume Oil and Candle are inspired by our personal affections, as well it’s long history. Everyone probably remembers their first leather jacket. I picked mine up from a thrift shop in Greenwich Village when I was still in High School in the 1970’s. I’ll never forget that supple and buttery texture, the soft worn in comfort – and the instant confidence and assurance of being instantly cool when I slipped it on. It felt great. It looked great. And boy did it smell amazing. While I still remember what it looked like – it’s the scent that is forever etched in to my mind. There is something about the power of leather that consumes our olfactory attention, demanding that we surrender to it’s seductive powers. It’s warm, it’s intimate, it’s like sinking in to a soft patina leather sofa. Roll some on your wrist, or light our candle and see what memories come to life." - Andrew Goetz

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