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The New York Times - What I'm Wearing Now

1154292690july-30-2006_web.jpgIn their 13 years together, Matthew Malin, left and Andrew Goetz have always appreciated, even celebrated, how little they have in common. We're opposites in every way," said Mr. Malin, 38. "Andrew loves to cook, and I hate to cook. He's opinionated, I'm diplomatic. The main inspiration for the couple's streamlined unisex skin care line, MALIN+GOETZ, was yet another yin and yang. "Andrew has oily skin and mine is dry," Mr. Malin said. "We wanted to create porducts we could both use." The men share facial cleanser, but not shopping habits. Mr. Malin, who has been a buyer at Barneys and developed beauty products for Prada and Helmut Lang, is a fashion fanatic. "I could have a thousand coats, bags and shoes," he said. "I like anything that makes me look thin." Mr. Goetz, who previously worked in marketing at the modern furniture company Vitra, called himself impatient. "I'd rather shop once a season and get it over with. But I could have a million pairs of sneakers." On a recent day outside their Chelsea shop with their dogs Junior, left and Bob, Mr. Goetz combined a vintage T-shirt with vintage Gucci trousers and Puma sneakers. Mr. Malin wore an Earnest Sewn shirt, Helmut Lang pants and Converse sneakers. Mr. Goetz often dips into Mr. Malin's T-shirt collection and gladly takes hand me downs, but otherwise there is no wardrobe overlap, Mr. Goetz said. "Our closets are seperate but equal." Jennifer Tung

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