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New York Daily News - Hidden treasure

If your boyfriend is anything like mine, he probably uses the same skin and hair products that you use without giving it a second thought. The result is a man who smells like your lavender face wash, peppermint body cleanser, jasmine shampoo and English rose face moisturizer.

Which is one of the reasons the creative team of Matt Malin, a Kiehl's veteran, and Andy Goetz, a marketing director at Vitra, concocted the line of unisex hair and skin products called Malin+Goetz. The idea is simple: Pare it down to the basics, formulate it for men and women and package it for unisex use.

To reflect the whole esthetic of the line, their Chelsea boutique ? a stone's throw from the Eighth Ave. "runway" ? is constructed of white Corian and takes a modernist-minimalist stab at chic.

"This is for New Yorkers, because they're a rare breed," says Malin. "And if you can appeal to New Yorkers, you can appeal to anyone."

The items, all amino acid-based and color-coordinated for easy identification, include a face cleanser ($30) with grapefruit extract, a shaving cream ($22) with Vitamin E and cooling menthol body cleanser ($18) with eucalyptus extract.

Malin and Goetz's gangbuster efforts and connections have already landed their two-week-old line gigs at Barneys, Fred Segal, Liberty of London and more.

Malin+Goetz, 177 Seventh Ave., between 20th and 21st Sts. (212-727-3777). Mon.-Sat., 10 a.m.-8 p.m.; Sun., noon-6 p.m.

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