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style-inside.jpgIn 2004, Andrew Goetz and Matthew Malin reinvented the old-school apothecary concept, opening their sleek enclave in New York’s Chelsea. Among the major catalysts for the brand’s development were Goetz’s own struggles with skin sensitivity, and the resulting line of thoughtfully conceived unisex products addresses those concerns, along with many more. Relying heavily on natural ingredients and botanical extracts, the range is straightforward and simple; so, too, is the design-geek-friendly packaging. The apothecaries are now global, with locations in Japan and Taiwan, while a host of fashionable stores and hotels stock the line worldwide. Though both Malin and Goetz are pretty low-maintenance when it comes to beauty routines, they have developed a few favorites over the years. We’ve listed them below for your future primping pleasure.

The Pros: Andrew Goetz and Matthew Malin

Owners of Malin + Goetz, www.malinandgoetz.com.

The Hair (Goetz): Chelsea Garden Barber Shop

“I’ve always gotten my hair cut at a local barbershop called Chelsea Garden. It’s a good, classic environment for someone that isn’t too fussy.”

Chelsea Garden Barber Shop, 255 W. 23rd St, (212) 255-6327.

The Hair (Malin): Mike at Freemans Sporting Club Barber

“Mike is awesome. And I love the old-world aesthetic and decor, and appreciate the level of service offered. But, like most barbershops, it’s also completely no-nonsense.”

F.S.C. Barber, 5 Horatio St., (212) 929-3917.

The Gym (Goetz): David Barton

“I always like to start my day with a workout. I’ve been doing the same basic routine for the last 25 years. Crunches five times a week; on the days I lift weights, I ride the bike to nowhere for a half hour. On the days I don’t, I run around five or six miles. I really enjoy the time to myself; it’s a very intense Zen time for me and helps me forget about the stress of work.”

David Barton, 215 W. 23rd St, (212) 414-2022

The Derm (Malin): Dr. Soren White

“I’m always confident with his recommendations and care. I have the occasional PDT treatment (Photodynamic Therapy, a.k.a. blue light therapy) and continue with other meds that integrate well with our products.”

Dr. Soren White, 853 Fifth Ave., (212) 396-3688.

The Products (Goetz): M + G

“Having our own apothecary line makes it easy to meet most of my beauty needs. While I use every M + G product, I do have a number of favorites. That said, it’s a bit of a Sophie’s Choice question…I will admit that I would be really upset if I wasn’t able to use our Replenishing Face Serum. I love this product so much—it’s incredibly versatile, hydrating, and efficacious—and since I’m almost 50, I consider it a necessity.”

Various locations, see www.malinandgoetz.com.

The Treatment Splurge (Malin): Butterfly Studio

“When I have time, nothing beats Butterfly for services. I have had color, manicures, and eyebrow shaping there all while sipping a glass of wine. I cannot think of one single person there that I would not trust with a service. They are the most professional and talented group.”

Butterfly Studio, 149 Fifth Ave., (212) 253-2100

The Destination Spa (Goetz): Ten Thousand Waves Spa & Resort

“Amazing body wraps, massages…I had a great experience there last year and definitely plan on going back.”

Ten Thousand Waves, 3451 Hyde Park Rd., Santa Fe, N.M., (505) 982-9304

The De-stressing Locale (Malin): The Maidstone or the Surf Lodge

“I highly recommend a night at either of these Hampton beach hotels. And they both feature our products as part of the in-room amenities.”

The Maidstone, 207 Main St., East Hampton, N.Y., (631) 324-5006, The Surf Lodge, 183 Edgemere St., Montauk, N.Y., (631) 668-1562

malin+goetz on twitter.

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