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Allure - Word of mouth


We're urban people we're always stressed, and we never have enough time, says Matthew Malin, who, with Andrew Goetz, cofounded Malin + Goetz, a new line of beauty products with a boutique in New York City. "Our goal was to create skin care that didn't require ten steps." The whole operation is a model of brevity, with just 11 unisex products, pared down ingredients lists?absent of colorants, heavy waxes, or perfumes?and boldly printed, minimalist bottles. But the products feel and smell luxurious enough to satisfy even a beauty glutton. Those gluttons wiped out New York City's Rescue Beauty Lounges' supply of facial moisturizer in one week, and owner Ji Baek says her addiction to the shampoo and conditioner is getting to be a problem?I want to bathe in it and sleep with it."

Bottom Line: We wish the bestselling face moisturizer had an SPF, but the milkshake?thick bamboo?and?pumice body scrub is our new shower staple.


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