We field a lot of questions about our Eucalyptus Deodorant from our customers.  Many times they have tried natural deodorants in the past and didn’t feel that they worked, often they are weary of trying a deodorant that isn't also an antiperspirant. We always like to share as much information as possible with customers so that they can decide if it's time to give our Eucalyptus Deodorant a shot.  The following is a rundown of how our deodorant works, and some of the challenges that people face when transitioning from using an antiperspirant.

Our Eucalyptus Deodorant has a devoted following amongst our customers and is a great option for anyone looking to buy a deodorant that is aluminum and alcohol free.  It has been recommended in a number of publications including GQ and voted “Best New Grooming Product” by Wall Paper magazine.  It’s neutral and fresh scent makes it wearable for both men and women and a great addition to anyone’s grooming routine.

How it works:

The citronellyl in the deodorant combats odor while eucalyptus extracts impart their natural antibacterial properties. It is not an antiperspirant and will not prevent sweating. Sweating is natural! Antiperspirant clogs pores and prevents the body from naturally cooling down. Our deodorant is designed to let your body function the way it is intended to, while providing protection against odor.  As an added bonus, because we don’t use aluminum in our deodorant, it won’t stain your shirts.

Transitioning from using and antiperspirant to using a deodorant:

If you’ve been using an antiperspirant for a while it could take your body some time to acclimate to the formula of our deodorant.  Perspiration is exacerbated when you stop using an antiperspirant as your body tries to compensate to re-balance itself. As a consequence, it may take two weeks for your body to reach a natural equilibrium and for our deodorant to reach its full potential.

So if you find yourself in the market for a natural deodorant, be sure to give ours a try.  It's a bestseller of ours for a reason, because it actually works!