essentials kit.


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our best-sellers for face, body + hair. all carry-on approved.

kit includes: grapefruit face cleanser 1oz., vitamin e face moisturizer 1oz., bergamot body wash 1oz., vitamin b5 body moisturizer 1oz., peppermint shampoo 1oz. + cilantro conditioner 1oz.

grapefruit cleanser:
the essential cleanser for everyone. gently foaming + formulated for everyday use. invigorating grapefruit extract + amino acid cleansing agents deeply cleanse + gently tone.(learn more)

vitamin e face moisturizer:
our lightweight moisturizer synthesizes natural vitamin e, chamomile + absorbent fatty acids. gently + effectively hydrates, balances + calms all skin types.(learn more)

bergamot body wash:
a gentle, everyday body wash. moisturizing glycerin + amino acid technology work to hydrate + purify skin. bergamot offers a light, refreshing scent.(learn more)

vitamin b5 body moisturizer:
our rich + creamy body moisturizer delivers deep, lasting hydration for the softest, smoothest skin. provitamin b5, shea butter + essential fatty acids work to repair + moisturize skin.(learn more)

peppermint shampoo:
the clarity your hair needs. amino acid-based cleanser removes dirt, oil + product build-up without stripping or drying hair. invigorating peppermint adds an energizing scent.(learn more)

cilantro hair conditioner:
a multi-tasking conditioner that's so much more than just a conditioner. formulated as an excellent, everyday rinse, try it as a leave-in treatment, a cream cleanser or a styling aid. botanical fatty acids, shea butter + cilantro deliver weightless hydration. every hair type benefits.(learn more)