Andrew Goetz and I share an affinity for design, its’ function and often times, its’ minimal aesthetic (I have a tendency to want to “overdo”).  However, we both have agreed that keeping our skincare regimens simple is key, and, we remain focused to this effective philosophy.

Case in point: Winter takes its toll on a New Yorker’s skin.  Suffering from many skin ailments, I am certainly a good test for what to use, when to use it and how much.  I am the guinea pig, and, have been the catalyst for our simple approach—learning early on that sometimes using less helps the few products I do use work better.

Back to our New York Winter.  My skin was tired, dry (and tends to be so) and red (I have rosacea) and dull.  As always, I wash my face (Grapefruit Face Cleanser), Moisturize (Vitamin E Face Moisturizer) daily, and, once/week, offer my skin a perk with our Detox Face Mask for extra cleansing/hydration.  Winter has proven that for my 45 year old skin, sometimes, less is less and not enough.

I decided to take my own advice and integrate our 10% Glycolic Pads—an item I had not used for at least two months.  Voila.  Bright, clear, smooth skin.  It is amazing how paying attention to your skin requires a little effort, AND, not over-reacting by using too much at the slightest change is essential.  Less is enough, and, once in a while, a little extra can help it along.

Matthew Malin, CEO