from garden to table

Food and dining have always been important to Matthew and I. Personally, I have always loved cooking, and fondly remember good food from my earliest days. Whether it was a simple home cooked meal made by my mother, or my grandparents - all excellent cooks- or trying to replicate a meal that I loved while traveling, the adventure of good food and good company are genuine pleasures we are so passionate about.


The quality of the food we eat has increasingly become a bit of an obsession for the two of us. I’m not referring to fancy imported ingredients, but rather the importance of local, fresh and seasonal ones. As the two of us try to be as conscientious as possible about where our food comes from, and how it was raised, it was literally an organic segue to how our own garden became so important to us.


While we have both always appreciated great food, neither of us were gardeners when we first met. Weekly trips to the Union Square Farmers Market helped us elevate our quest for the best seasonal and local produce.


When we purchased our house in the Hudson Valley about 12 years ago, one of the first things we did was put in a vegetable garden. That garden has since grown exponentially, along with our love of gardening. We grow a wide variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers. In fact, we have a separate garden sitting directly outside our kitchen that is dedicated entirely to herbs. What was originally a patch of dry soil, is now home to 40 different kinds of plants and herbs (with seven varieties of sage alone), many of which are also found in our products.


When browsing our website and stores, you might feel like you’re exploring a garden rather than searching for skincare products. Ingredients like geranium, bergamot, sage, meadowfoam, and cilantro take center stage in many of our products -- and that’s no accident. Our dedication to the best natural ingredients in what we eat has not surprisingly been mirrored in Malin+Goetz product formulations from the very beginning.

Beautiful produce, guaranteeing wonderfully healthful meals is an obvious benefit of having a garden. But we get so much more out of it. We’ve become incredibly attuned to how the seasons work, and the cycle of the garden. It’s truly epiphanic. Our garden is an endless source of learning, complete with great triumphs, and humbling failures. Our garden provides us both with a physical and mental bounty, and continues to hone our connection to nature, and the privilege to share its gifts with our friends and family.


– Andrew Goetz